La Vida Leica and Zeiss

If you haven't noticed, our reviews of several ZM lenses have been recognized and are now listed on the Zeiss website! We're quite chuffed - thanks, Zeiss! Read more below for the complete list of pages featuring our reviews...

Stress Test for Carl Zeiss Lenses

Camera and cine lenses need to operate perfectly in extreme conditions, withstanding everything from scorching heat and bitter cold to sandstorms and severe vibrations. The video shows how Carl Zeiss researchers systematically submit lenses to extreme stresses in order to arrive at findings that can help in future lens design and development.


Carl Zeiss Photography Contest 2011

Zeiss Discusses the Planar Lens Design

If you don't follow Zeiss' CLN, or Camera Lens News blog - it's worth checking out. They don't put out a lot of material, but what they do is usually a good read. This entry is one of their better ones...