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Turn Your Photos Into Wooden Artwork

This was too cool not to share. How many of you strive for the ultimate photos? Now how many of you actually print them or hang them on the wall? Did you know you can make super easy pieces of art for you, a friend or a loved one in no time flat? All you need is a nice image, something made out of light-colored wood and an inkjet printer! Follow along with the video below from Steve Ramsey:

How to transfer an inkjet photo to wood | Mere Mini


Jürgen Schadeberg and South African Photojournalism

This video is for film camera shooters. In it, celebrated photographer Jürgen Schadeberg talks about the beautiful Leica cameras he has used in his career. He has taken some of the most iconic photos of apartheid-era South Africa with them. Only this year one of is images of Mandela fetched £10,000 in auction. Leica or no Leica, if you shoot film, this little film will make you want to go out and shoot a roll straightaway!

Leica cameras, Jürgen Schadeberg and South African photo journalism


Celebrating 100 Years of Leica Photography

Here's a pair of cool videos, celebrating 100 years of Leica photography from 1914-2014. Read more below for the second - and more info.

100 Years of Leica Photography: Pictures for Eternity

Andrew Tonn in Ukraine Exhibition

Over on The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) is a story called "Photos document tough conditions in forgotten corner of Ukraine". It's about an Ohio-based charity Sharing America's Resources Abroad and its former media director, Andrew Tonn... As part of a medical relief mission to institutions and settlements in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine, he photographed some of the population for his series “The Faces of Transcarpathia.” He took only a single Leica camera and a 50mm lens on the trip, shooting everywhere. Read more below for details and video.

Marcia Cross at Leica Store L.A.

A bit of an older video, but just recently put up... Anyone that's watched shows like CSI, Seinfeld, Melrose Place... And scores of others, including movies - all know the actress Marcia Cross. She was at the grand opening of Celebrity Sightings in Los Angeles in front of the Leica Store on June 20, 2013.

Marcia Cross greets fans departing Leica Store Los Angele...

How to Annoy a Photography Snob

If you've been on certain (most?) photography forums or in photo clubs long enough, you've probably heard each and every one of these points brought up. Taken out of context and put in a humorous light as the gang from DigitalRev does here... They really are laughable on the face of it - especially to your non-photographer friends! Don't be that guy/gal.

How to Annoy a Photography Snob - Top 10!