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Developing Color Film with the C41 Process

In this YouTube video, Photography_Bloke takes a look at developing color film using the C-41 developing process - color film is actually fairly straightforward to develop, but it does involve a few additional steps and is more critical in regards to time and temperature than the traditional black and white process. You can buy black and white film designed for the C-41 process, and this video applies equally to this type of film.

Developing Colour Film with the C41 Process

Michael Bay Talks About His Leica T

Michael Bay, an American film director and producer - talks about various movies he's involved with, such as Transformers: Age of Extinction and more in an article/video on Collider. What's especially worth noting is the Leica T he's holding and goes on to explain. Another product placement like the M Monochrom that Zack Snyder used to shoot the Batmobile? Leica seems to be courting Hollywood heavily these days... Leica T - as in Transformers. Read more below for the video!

Street Photography with Fred Fogherty

Here's an interesting video of street photographer Fred Fogherty in action. Don't be put off by the "Fuji X Series Photographer" part (they're good cameras which we also enjoy using with our M lenses). It serves to illustrate the technique of wandering around in a relaxed style, looking for photo opportunities that exist all around us day to day. Worth a look! If you're interested, Fred runs workshops and you can check out some photos in his gallery, 80 Days Around the World.

Street photography with Fred Fogherty

Leitz Park Opening Video

Leica Camera celebrated its return to Wetzlar, the birthplace of the Leica Camera, and 100 years of Leica photography with the opening of the new Leitz-Park.

Leitz-Park Opening Festival


Mystical Marrakesh and Street Photography

Zack Arias spent three days in Marrakesh, Morocco with the Fujifilm X-T1, a camera we recently compared to the Leica T - and shares a few tips and tricks on getting the best out of your camera for street photography. Regardless of the camera used, it's chock full of excellent tips that apply to any platform. Well worth a watch!

Mystical Marrakech | Street Photography with Zack Arias and the X-T1

60th Birthday Review of the Leica M3

A while back we mentioned that this year not only marks 100 Years of Leica photography but also represents the 60th anniverary of the Leica M system. Kai from DigitalRev TV marks the occasion with this review of the Leica M3 which started it all back in 1954.

Leica M3 Hands-on Review