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Mystical Marrakesh and Street Photography

Zack Arias spent three days in Marrakesh, Morocco with the Fujifilm X-T1, a camera we recently compared to the Leica T - and shares a few tips and tricks on getting the best out of your camera for street photography. Regardless of the camera used, it's chock full of excellent tips that apply to any platform. Well worth a watch!

Mystical Marrakech | Street Photography with Zack Arias and the X-T1

New "Work Your Leica M" Book

From Joeri van der Kloet comes the new "Work Your Leica M" eBook and softcover book. They're available for $22.47 and $44.95 USD respectively over on Blurb. Joeri has a background in neuroscience, but decided to become a full-time documentary/wedding photographer and writer. Joeri is featured on several websites and has been giving workshops for Leica users. Read more below for a word from the author.

Erwin Puts - New Leica Practicum Book

Erwin Puts is working on a new 500 page book called Leica Practicum that will be printed in March and start shipping in April. Pricing will be about €65 ($89 USD, includes shipping). His books are usually limited edition runs, and are thus hard to find. So if you're interested, keep an eye out (we'll keep you updated!). Read more below for details.

Engadget Guides to Street Photography

Street photography is the purest, most spontaneous way to create art with a camera. No studios, no props, no poses; all you need is the right equipment and a street with people on it... In an original series of "Guides to Street Photography" over on Engadget they've released their latest article and the last of the trilogy, called Gavin Harrison's smartphone art - the previous releases include Matt Stuart, manners and human autofocus and Antonio Olmos and the dark art of manual exposure. Worth checking out.

Markus Tedeskino on the CS S Lenses

On location at the beach in St. Peter Ording, Germany, Portrait Photographer Markus Tedeskino and his team use the Leica S2 with central shutter lenses to capture a ballet dancer in mid-jump.

Markus Tedeskino on the Leica Central Shutter S-Lenses in St. Peter Ording, Germany

Scott Morvay on Off-camera Flash

The Leica M isn't just for available light! Check out this how-to from Scott Morvay on using flash triggers for off-camera flash in this video...

This video is an introduction to off camera flash for Leica M Digital Photography. In future videos I will go into more details. The trigger and receiver shown in the video are from impact and on location I was shooting the profoto airs simply because I forgot my other set. As far as flashes go I use the Leica SF24D and a classic vivitar. I like the Vivitars because of their simplicity of use and the ability to use light modifiers on them. I will also talk about light modifiers in future videos.

Wireless Off Camera Flash in Leica M Photography Leica M9 Leica M240