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Better Vacation Photos - For a Price

These tips come from Tom A. Smith and Craig Semetko, via Leica's Destinations in Focus program of workshops, which promise to "combine the inspirational and educational experience of a Leica Akademie workshop with the five-star luxury and personalized service of a members-only stay in an Exclusive Resorts villa." While the destinations and resorts vary, they certainly are grand - and include Costa Rica, Mexico and Tucson, AZ currently. We initially wrote about this last year, when the program was announced. Not cheap, by any stretch of the imagination... They start at $2,999 USD and reach a lofty $7,000 USD.

Joel Meyerowitz - Taking My Time

Taking My Time photographer Joel Meyerowitz describes how he searches for ephemeral connections between things around him - then puts them in the frame.

Joel Meyerowitz - 'What you put in the frame determines the photograph'

Leica and NatGeo Present Adventure Germany

Leica Camera and National Geographic present Adventure Germany that features outdoor photographer Florian Wagner crossing Germany on horseback and flying back via helicopter.

Adventure Germany with Florian Wagner

Best First Prime Lens - 35mm or 50mm?

The guys over at DigitalRev TV try to answer the age old question, "what's the best first prime lens?" For Leica shooters perhaps especially, this is a critical question. Should you choose a 35mm? Or a 50mm? Although the lenses shown are Canon EF, the logic applies just the same. Though it will depend on if you're shooting a crop sensor (APS-C) camera or full frame. Keep that in mind.

Choosing your first prime lens is like choosing your first love, we all know how that feels when you make the wrong choice. So which lens should you buy?

35mm vs 50mm - Best First Prime Lens?

The Overgaard Workshop Flim-Flam

At the risk of being labelled a "suppressive person" we bring you this important PSA. What do photography, or Leica for that matter - have to do with Scientology? Absolutely nothing, unless you consider all the Hollywood celebrities involved with it, and that's because they're actively recruited for their A-list status, money and talent. Strange then, that these qualities are lacking in the true subject of this PSA... Thorsten "von" Overgaard and his workshops; a flim-flam operation at best. Read more below for the full scoop.

Developing Color Film with the C41 Process

In this YouTube video, Photography_Bloke takes a look at developing color film using the C-41 developing process - color film is actually fairly straightforward to develop, but it does involve a few additional steps and is more critical in regards to time and temperature than the traditional black and white process. You can buy black and white film designed for the C-41 process, and this video applies equally to this type of film.

Developing Colour Film with the C41 Process