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Into the Shadows

Today we are pleased to present the first of several upcoming guest posts by John Tuckey. If you're not aware, John Tuckey has, in a few short years, built a reputation for high quality monochrome images with a distinctive look heavily influenced by the golden era of Hollywood portraiture. You can read more about John, his work and workshops on his website, on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Read more below for the article!

Mark Wallace: From DSLR to Rangefinder

In this episode of Exploring Photography, Mark Wallace explains why he's made the switch from a Canon DSLR system to the Leica M Rangefinder system. Here he explains why the Leica is the right tool for his travel photography needs. Learn how the smaller camera helps with size, weight, security, and more earning potential.

Why I Switched from DSLR to Rangefinder: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace: AdoramaTV

High-end Video with a Leica D-Lux 6?

Our friends at Fstoppers ask in a post, "Is It Possible To Produce High End Video With A $600 Point & Shoot?" In the right hands, such as those of Ruslan Pelykh - it would appear that the answer is "yes." After using a DSLR and even a RED Epic - after much research, Ruslan chose the Leica D-Lux 6 because he wanted something small, low cost and unobtrusive. With it, he could shoot full 1080p HD video at 60fps (something a Canon 5D Mk3 can't even do). He is able to manually adjust shutter speed, downsample his footage to 24fps, and get nice SloMo. He doesn't go much above ISO 400 because of noise and there's no manual focus capability - so he just shoots with a wider focal length and stops down a bit to gain DoF latitude. Well worth a read. Read more below for a video created with the Leica D-Lux 6!

Craig Semetko: How to Use a Leica M Camera

Craig Semetko offers this video on "How to Use a Leica M Rangefinder..."

How to use a Leica M Rangefinder: Craig Semetko

Color Profiling Your Camera Article

Added today is the Color Profiling Your Camera article!

An in-depth article explaining the how and why of color profiling your camera (and by extension, photos) - one step in ensuring that consistent and accurate colors are seen by not only you, but everyone else as well.

A Look at Bokeh Kings

Bill Rosauer, a past President of the Leica Historical Society of America and current editor of Viewfinder, the quarterly journal of the LHSA since 2000 - has taken a really neat, in-depth look at many Leica lenses... Searching for the "Bokeh Kings" among them. As the concept of bokeh is entirely subjective, it is impossible to objectively define or quantify it as you can with other lens characteristics such as resolution. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the same goes for bokeh... What's good? What's bad? You be the judge!