Photographic technique; how to accomplish something, tips, etc.

Transfer Leica M Video Over WiFi

Andrew Donnan shares his secret for transferring video from the Leica M (Type 240) over WiFi via the Toshiba FlashAir II SD card to the Olympus WiFi app. The transfer, not surprisingly - is slow (even at 720p) and the battery drain is heavy.

Leica M wifi video transfer

John Tuckey "101" Workshop Review

Added today is an in-depth review of the John Tuckey "101" workshop!

Learn how to create your own classic Hollywood silver screen era portraiture - covering lighting, sets, poses and shooting!

Top 10 Tips for Optimizing Photos in Lightroom

Tim Grey shares his top ten tips for making the most of your photos using Lightroom. You’ll gain insights into an approach that can help improve your image-optimization workflow, and how to make use of tools beyond what Lightroom’s Develop module offers. You’ll learn how to optimize the quality of your photos through adjustments that remove noise, chromatic aberration, and perspective distortions. And you’ll learn some techniques for exploring creative interpretations of your photos as well.

Top 10 Tips For Optimizing Photos in Lightroom

New England Photo Walk - Portsmouth

If you're in certain circles of the Leica community, you may have heard of London Walk, a.k.a. LNDNWLK (which one of our Exposure photographers, Johnny Patience put together). Spun off of the huge success behind it, comes the first New England Photo Walk - and is coming May 15, 2015 to Portsmouth, NH! Walk, talk, shoot then pop into a pub for a few beers! As luck would have it, this event is also being put together by a past Exposure photographer, valued friend and contributor to La Vida Leica, Ray Larose! Both Richard Photo Lab and Hunt’s Photo & Video will be supporting this event! We're spreading the word - so if you're able, go and check it out!

Jay Maisel - Be a Better Photographer

Legendary photographer Jay Maisel offers advice on how to take better photographs, including tips on how to be a more successful street photographer. Maisel recently published Light, Gesture & Color (New Riders press), a book "for people that are tired of bullshit books that tell them exactly what to do, and so they get rote results." Read more below for details and videos!

Photographer Jay Maisel on Light, Gesture & Color

Essence of Earhart

Today we are pleased to present the second of several upcoming guest posts by John Tuckey (the first was "Into the Shadows" if you missed it). If you're not aware, John Tuckey has, in a few short years, built a reputation for high quality monochrome images with a distinctive look heavily influenced by the golden era of Hollywood portraiture. You can read more about John, his work and workshops on his website, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Read more below for the article!