Leica Lens Shootout on Sony A7/A7R

We don't really want to get caught up in the Sony A7/A7R frenzy, but be that as it may - a lot of Leica shooters might be looking at them keenly. Some are even suggesting they are Leica's nightmare (to which we don't subscribe). Ron Scheffler has given us a Sony a7 torture test with Leica, Zeiss, Voigtlander rangefinder lenses - long and short of it - you can forget the A7.

Leica's Nightmare is Sony

We've ignored the casual comparisons until now, but it seems that the German press (more than others) is really focusing on Sony's latest A7/A7R cameras as a direct competitor to Leica. We're of the mindset that yes, the specs are impressive, as are the cameras themselves. But for their own reasons and not as a direct threat to Leica M cameras. We won't get into all the reasons why we believe this as we think our audience understands why already. In any event, this is the latest and most intense comparison yet, published by Die Welt and called "Leica's Nightmare is Sony" (in German). What are your thoughts? Read more below for translation.