ONA to Announce The Berlin - Reviewed

A La Vida Leica exclusive! Today ONA is announcing their newest bag... Designed in collaboration with - and celebrating 100 years of Leica photography, "The Berlin!" This limited edition bag was designed specifically for the M-System and the Leica-inspired design cues are subtle, but clear when you notice them. This is a beautiful, upscale bag that compromises nothing in form or function.

We were given access to a bag from the first batch and pleased to present our review of ONA's "The Berlin" bag to coincide with the announcement!

Welcome to the New La Vida Leica!

We've been rather busy the last week or so and haven't gotten to posting as much as we usually do... But it's for a good reason! We've built a brand new, state-of-the-art server to host La Vida Leica! It replaces a server that has been very good to us over the years - which took Hurricane Sandy to bring it down for its only extended period of downtime (a couple of days). However, it was starting to show its age and becoming unwieldy. Besides that, we're growing rapidly and need the extra bandwidth to grow. You should notice a substantial increase in the site's speed (we're live on it now!) and we apologize if you should encounter any glitches. We're still working out a few minor kinks. Feel free to contact us with any concerns. In any event, welcome to the new La Vida Leica! We hope you enjoy your experience here!


Leica News - At the Speed of Life!

La Vida Leica is much improved! If you've noticed a few glitches with our site the past few days, we apologize! But we've just finished a complete overhaul of the back-end server software and some other tweaks - to provide a much better, smoother and faster experience. We've also made some changes to the site itself and how we post our content on social networks. Read more below!


FLM CB-38FTR QRP-40 Ball Head & QR

Added today is the FLM CB-38FTR QRP-40 Ball Head & QR review!

Mid-sized, fairly light yet full-featured and robust - this ball head and quick release make a great high-end option for Leica M, S and compact cameras.

FLM CB-24FB PRP-45 Ball Head & QR

Added today is the FLM CB-24FB PRP-45 Ball Head & QR review!

Small, light yet full-featured and robust - this ball head and quick release make a great entry to the high-end for Leica M (and compact) cameras.

FLM CP26-L3S Tripod Review

Added today is the FLM CP-26-L3S Tripod review!

A high-performance tripod perfect for Leica shooters in that it's extremely lightweight, stable and capable.

We will be reviewing additional FLM products shortly; keep an eye out for them!