Happy (Third) Birthday La Vida Leica!

Hard to believe it's been three years already - time sure does fly! Seems like only yesterday that we celebrated our second birthday. It's been a tremendous amount of fun, and we've met a lot of great people along the way! It's been a big year, too. From scooping to reporting on the new Leica T system, introducing the world's first T forum to covering 100 years of Leica photography, writing a couple of new articles and numerous new reviews of great products from FLM, ONA, Arte di Mano and Wotancraft. Besides details of the T, we also world-premiered several new products from our friend Walter and ONA. We also interviewed great folks like Nikki Sixx and Birgit Krippner.

This past year we've also upgraded to a new server and added several new features. We've expanded our social media presence with the introduction of a new Flickr group and Facebook page. We're continuing to grow at a rapid pace and encourage you to join us! We will continue to report breaking and daily news here first including fresh, unique content in the Leicasphere! Don't wait for others to copy us! If you enjoy La Vida Leica, be sure to spread the word - and to our followers, likers and friends - thank you!


Bauhausian Simplicity of Design Article

Added today is the Leica and Bauhausian Simplicity of Design article!

This article expands on our previous articles of what makes a Leica - a Leica. More from an emotional standpoint and how the clean, simple design appeals to ardent Leica photographers.

The Fascination with Full Frame Article

We've been so busy lately that one of our strongest suits, unique content - has lagged a little. So without further ado, we'd like to share our latest article - "The Fascination with Full Frame."

This article delves into the mystique of the full frame sensor and why many photographers see it as the be all, end all of digital photography. Comparisons are made against APS-C and APS-H sensors and their effect.

Enjoy a Dip in Our Flickr Pools!

La Vida Leica is so much more than this website... As you may know, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ - but did you know we also run several Flickr groups? Some may have seen our Leica M pool already, and to celebrate the introduction of the new Leica T we are proud to present our latest effort, the Leica T pool! Everyone is welcome to join and share their photos with the world. Enjoy!

And remember, you can pre-order your new Leica T from any of our sponsors; B&H, Adorama and Leica Store Miami!

Lots of Birthday Celebrations!

The year 2014 marks several birthday celebrations... Everyone by now is probably aware that Leica is celebrating "100 Years of Leica Photography". In fact, they've released the D-LUX 6 "Edition 100" and S "Edition 100" camera sets as part of it. This coming Thursday, April 24th will continue that with a special event in Berlin announcing the new Leica T camera (the details of which you read here first). But did you also know that this year marks 60 years of the Leica M System (Overview) as well? Hard to believe, but even today's newest models (the M Monochrom, M-E and M) are all essentially unchanged from the original M3 of 1954!

Finally, La Vida Leica itself celebrates its third birthday!


La Vida Leica and Flickr Integration

Now that we're on a fast new server and the migration has gone well, we're on to adding cool new features to the site. Effective immediately, the members-only Feeds page (go here to register!) includes 16 of the most recent images in the Flickr Leica pool and all lens Reviews now have a "Flickr Pool Images" section featuring a gorgeous (full screen capable) slideshow of images from the group pools! We think you'll really like these additions to our exclusive content and articles, and will be featuring this capability wherever appropriate going forward to provide you with the best user experience possible. Enjoy! Read more below for a sample.