Match Technical Soft Releases

Added today is the Match Technical Soft Releases (Beep, Boop, Bip and Bop) review!

This ergonomic favorite gets the high-quality treatment, from materials to workmanship including a large variety of awesome hand-painted finishes.

Wotancraft Ranger (City Explorer 002)

Added today is the Wotancraft Ranger (City Explorer 002) camera bag review!

Super stylish with a WWII era aesthetic and highly protective of its contents. This high-end bag by Wotancraft Atelier will not disappoint!

Walter M-Stedi

Added today is the Walter M-Stedi review.

Works by itself or with other ergonomic accessories to provide a more secure, stable grip on your M!

"Click if You Can Afford It" Writes NYT

Alex Williams interviewed yours truly for the "Click if You Can Afford It" article, which explores the increasing trend of celebrities being seen carrying a Leica. Sweet! Read more below for the reprint (and photo) or if you can't access it.

Apple MacBook Air 13"

Added today is the latest review, of a souped up Apple MacBook Air 13" laptop!

The MacBook Air is a pricey, but rock-solid and absolutely capable image slinging workhorse - and looks good doing it. If you need a travel laptop where space and weight are a serious consideration but you're not willing to compromise - the 13" model fills the niche masterfully. It's surprisingly small, light and spry.

Think Tank Photo DSLR Battery Holder

Added today is the Think Tank Photo DSLR Battery Holder (2/4) review!

Need a compact way to store and organize your digital M batteries? Consider this new accessory from Think Tank Photo in both two and four battery versions.