Rumors from around the Leicasphere.

New Leica T (Type 701) Camera?

Digicame-info is reporting that the Taiwanese government agency NCC (National Communications Commission) has a filing for a new Leica T (Type 701) camera. It's very likely that this will be a re-branded Panasonic camera, considering the recent news of Panasonic bolstering their partnership with Leica. Read more below for additional info/images.

New Leica D-Lux 6 Black/Silver Edition

As we wrote about earlier, rumors pointed to a new Leica camera at PhotoPlus Expo. Today was the opening day of the PhotoPlus Expo which is taking place at the Javits Center in NYC. Today Leica has announced a "reimagined" D-Lux 6 camera available in high-gloss black and silver finish. Read more below for full details, specifications and additional images!

New Leica Camera at PhotoPlus Expo

It appears that Leica will announce a new consumer camera at PhotoPlus Expo in New York next week, most likely on October 24. The only details we know is that Roland Wolff, Vice President of Marketing for Leica Camera USA, will make the announcement. Leica’s consumer models are usually re-branded Panasonic models, but the company isn’t saying if that will be the case. The announcement is part of a series of events Leica is planning during PhotoPlus Expo. Update: It's here!

Leica Store Inventory Network on Tablets?

In a video found on Youtube called "EnergyNet for Leica" (also seen below) we see a concept video of a tablet-based P.O.S. (Point Of Sale) terminal, product information and inventory application that would be network with other Leica Stores to manage inventory and be able to coordinate the data. Imagine that Leica M that you've been waiting for - it could be looked up on a realtime map displayed on the screen in-store and perhaps at home, telling you which Leica Stores have one in stock. You could also call up product information in the store, to access technical specifications, manuals, etc. The application is being proposed by a company based in Frankfurt, Germany called Energy Net GmbH the intelligence company. Read more below for video.

Details of the Mini M Revealed!

Codenamed "Paula" - it looks like we now have the likely specifications on the upcoming "Mini M" camera that Leica has been teasing us with on their website and will be revealed on June 11th. Other sites on the web have varying information (including the above image). The name appears to be the Leica "X Vario" (Type 107). Read more below for the full specs, other images and sample photos!

New M Delayed Until May?

Unfortunately for everyone that's been waiting patiently for the new Leica M (Type 240) body... Looks like it might be delayed at least two more months. First it was "Early 2013" which was fairly open-ended enough... But then we got some glimmer of hope, saying "end of February, beginning of March." We've gotten info from multiple sources and it looks like the estimated ship date has slipped once again, this time to April 30, 2013 - meaning we won't see the M in anyone's hands short of May. We don't have any more details yet, but it's possibly related to video and/or firmware.