Rumors from around the Leicasphere.

New Leica X (Type 113) Camera?

Much like the previous Leica T (Type 701) discovered this way, site is reporting that a new Leica X (Type 113) camera (translation to English via Google) was registered at the Korean Radio Research Agency. This is an indication that the new model likely has built-in WiFi capability. This camera could debut as early as Photokina in September.

Leica Special Event in Berlin on April 24!

Leica is promising a "special highlight" on April 24, 2014 in Berlin at 7pm... Telling us to keep the evening free and be excited. It's definitely going to include the new mirrorless camera we mentioned earlier. That being the case, one or more lenses to go with it shouldn't be unexpected. Read more below, which has all the info and is chock full of updates on what to expect!

Apple to Debut New Mac Pro and 4K LCD

We don't typically cover computer news and stories except for when it comes to Leica, Adobe, Apple and related software... But our discerning readers (you!) are by and large - mostly Mac and iOS users. Those of us with higher demands of our hardware are likely Mac Pro users, and unfortunately, have been waiting and waiting for an update to our beloved machines since mid-2012. Many of us have been eying Apple's new Mac Pro with perhaps more than a little anticipation. Read more below for the big news!

TA Associates to Acquire CMOSIS

As you may be aware, a company based in Antwerp, Belgium by the name of CMOSIS makes the sensor in the Leica M (Type 240) camera, which early on promised to be a game changer. TA Associates (a global growth private equity firm) has agreed to acquire CMOSIS. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. CMOSIS employs over 60 people. What's perhaps telling is that Leica (or ACM) didn't acquire them - perhaps if they were German - but we've (in other words, you saw it here first) heard some rumblings lately that Leica is working on a 36-40MP camera, perhaps with their old friends TrueSense... Read more below for full details.

Leica S-System CS Lens Woes Ahead?

We've heard some rumblings through the grapevine and are working to get additional confirmation and details... Which are sketchy, but from what we've heard, it is believed that something related to the manufacture of the Central Shutter (CS) in Leica's S-System CS lenses... Has been seriously affected. As a side-note, Copal was known since March to be ceasing production with their last run "late this year" - so the timing is right, but we don't believe at this time that they're connected. Read more below for details.

New Leica Mirrorless in April?

This should perhaps come as no surprise, as we earlier reported on a potential Leica T (Type 701) camera, as well as rumblings that Panasonic and Leica to Bolster Partnership. The previous rumor for PhotoPlus Expo was a bit of a disappointment as the end result was the New Leica D-Lux 6 Black/Silver Edition camera. However, we have it on good authority that something more substantial will be coming out, likely in the April 2014 timeframe (though potentially as late as Photokina in September) - and will be a Leica-Panasonic collaboration. Most likely an APS-C based X-style camera with interchangeable lenses. It will most certainly not be m4/3. Read more below and stay tuned as we keep you updated on developments!