Rumors from around the Leicasphere.

Leica Announces the New Leica M-S

Only a day after Leica announced the new Leica M-P camera, comes word of another variant available - the Leica M-S! As you probably know, the "P" stands for Professional. This new variant, carrying the "S" designation - stands for Screw. We're told the cost would be slightly higher than the standard M-P version upon which it's based by $500 USD, because the screw is made from a special titanium that's hand-polished for no less than a full half hour by trained technicians in Wetzlar, Germany. Read more below about a possible limited edition...


New Leica Products at Photokina 2014?

That time is upon us once again - the biennial Photokina 2014 show in Cologne, Germany. We've already posted about the official Leica schedule of events... Now it's time to enter the murky area of new products we might see (as we did in 2012). Below is what we're expecting based on the year's news so far, and we'll of course keep you updated on the very latest developments right here! Read more below for all the details!

Leica V-LUX (Type 114) Coming

Digicame-info reports that a new model Leica V-LUX (Type 114) camera was registered at the Indonesian Communication Agency website. The new V-LUX will most likely be announced at Photokina 2014 and will be based on a Panasonic model. Read more below for additional details!

Leica Camera Ltd David Bell to Depart

Rumor has it that the UK's Leica Camera Ltd Managing Director, David Bell - is set to depart on June 30th. An interesting one at that; he was recently interviewed by Pixel Magazine and before that, interviewed on the Leica Blog. He's been with Leica Camera Ltd since 2006, going on nearly eight and a half years now. Curiously, he worked for Fujifilm UK Ltd before that... Read more below for the update/official announcement.


Replacement for the Leica M-E Coming?

We're hearing rumors that Leica might introduce a replacement to the Leica M-E at Photokina 2014 - a camera that only La Vida Leica saw coming at Photokina 2012 ahead of its release! It may carry the name "M-S" or "M-E2" and feature the same 18MP CCD sensor with an upgraded LCD screen and a new battery - probably from the Leica M (Type 240).

Hi-res iMac and Displays Coming this Fall

Of interest to our Mac-using friends, which the majority are - might find this news interesting. The discovery of a Retina-equipped iMac referenced in an OS X 10.10 Yosemite file (French) (in English via Google) follows the recent news of OS X 10.9.3, which Cupertino released last month, adding “true” Retina display support for external 4K monitors. While 4K monitors exist on the market, short of the really expensive ones - they're not all that good (yet). That may soon change however, as Intel, display makers join forces to introduce $400 4K monitors by year's end. Stands to reason that besides a new iMac, a new Apple Thunderbolt Display is also in the works - which would complement the Mac Pro (designed with video editing in mind). Read more details below.