Rumors from around the Leicasphere.

Lenny Kravitz Edition Leica M Confirmed

Through multiple sources, we have confirmed that a Lenny Kravitz edition camera is coming now official (see below), and will drop in February. We don't know much more at this point, other than it will likely be a brass/brassed finish and nowhere near as cool as the Leica MP pictured below. He is of course, a Leica shooter and published a book called "Flash" which you can pre-order. Read more below for updates and photos!

Leica Photo Cloud Service Website?

It seems there's another tidbit of Leica news pre-Photokina 2014. It seems that Leica Camera AG has registered the domain Could it be the cloud service we mentioned a while back? This domain was registered not long ago - on June 6, 2014. Read more below for details!

Leica to Announce M 60 Special Edition

In a leak of their website, Leica Camera AG has tipped their hat once again, as they did with the Leica T. It has been all but confirmed that we will see a Leica M 60 Special Edition (as well as the Leica M-A film camera we mentioned earlier) among the New Leica Products at Photokina 2014! Read more below for details!

Leica to Announce New Film Leica M-A

Exclusive La Vida Leica news - we have word that Leica will be announcing a successor (and not a special edition) to the fabled Leica MP film camera among the New Leica Products at Photokina 2014! Likely during the 60 Years of Leica M event on the first day of the show. It will be called the Leica M-A. Don't expect huge changes, but subtle updates to the design, a better rangefinder and the return of the rewind crank (as it is no longer available separately)! It will be a standalone version similar to the one we saw introduced in the Leica M Edition 100 set earlier this year, albeit in a regular, rather than stainless steel body (just like the upcoming Summilux-M 28mm f/1.4 ASPH). Read more below for details!

Leica D-LUX (Type 109) Coming

Site is reporting that a Leica D-LUX (Type 109) camera has been registered with the Indonesian Communication Agency. Based on the Panasonic LX100 - and both will be released at Photokina 2014 later this month; the Leica as the D-LUX (Type 109) (confirmed!). Read more below for details and updates!

Zeiss to Announce Distagon 1,4/35 ZM

We don't have much information at this point yet, other than this is likely the Zeiss ZM lens we've been waiting for - for quite some time now. Turns out this is finally the year, and they will announce a Distagon 1,4/35 ZM at Photokina 2014! We have high hopes; check out our review of the 2/35 Biogon ZM lens. You'll recall the original promise:

For fans of the Carl Zeiss family of ZM systems for rangefinder cameras, Carl Zeiss has a special surprise in store. In 2013, at least one fast lens with M bayonet will go on sale. Using lenses from the ZM series with adapters is also very popular on mirrorless system cameras.