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Ricoh GXR Mount A12 Coming

Ricoh has posted information on the new GXR Mount A12 module on their blog and announced that it will be available as of September 9th, 2011. If you haven't heard of it, it's an APS-C format sensor at 12.3MP that will mount M (or adapted) lenses to the GXR camera.

Noktor 50mm f/0.95 M Lens Coming

Some of you may remember the Noktor 50mm f/0.95 lens for the Micro Four Thirds and Sony E-mount formats from Noktor about a year ago. Seems that after some organizational changes (SLR Magic bought Noktor) - the new team is set to release this lens in an M mount - due to be announced soon. It will also be 6-bit coded, which should be interesting to see how they got around the issue that Cosina/Voigtländer and Zeiss don't seem to be able to.

Using Filters in B&W Photography

Added today is the Using Filters in B&W Photography article.

If you shoot with black and white film, the use of colored or other filters can change the whole feel of the image, even dramatically - or enhance certain aspects, giving you greater control.

Tip of the Week (#004) - Close Focus

Close focus. What if you need to get a shot of something close-up and your lens only focuses down to 1m? The answer is rather simple. Stop down and move in! Set your lens to minimum focusing distance and stop down as much as the light allows. Move in accordingly by looking at the depth of field scale as a guideline. This is much easier with digital and/or wide angle lenses (which have more inherent depth of field).


Tip of the Week (#003) - Filter Sizes

Filters. How to buy filters if you have lenses with varying filter thread sizes? One approach is to buy the biggest size and any step-rings necessary to adapt them to your smaller sized filter threads. The downside is that fitting a lens hood may become difficult, if not impossible. And if your sizes cover quite a range, perhaps impractical. Another approach is to just buy filters for the largest of your most commonly used lenses and go from there. For most Leica lenses, 46mm is a great size to settle on.

Interesting Look at Leica Manufacturing

Check out The Leica Manufacturing Process post on the Leica Camera Blog for an interesting insight into how lenses are manufactured by the elves in Solms.