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Leica Announces 28% Sales Increase

Today Leica Camera AG announced a 28% increase in sales during the first half of fiscal year 2011/2012. Sales and earnings forecasts for the remaining quarters were raised...


DPR Chats with Leica at PPE 2011

Dpreview.com sat down for a brief interview with Christian Erhardt (Vice President of Marketing in Leica's photographic division), Jesko von Oeynhausen (Product Manager for the Leica M system), and Justin Stailey (Product Specialist for the Leica M-System) at the PhotoPlus Expo 2011 at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. It's a short piece, but worth a read. Leica "still can't build M9s fast enough."

Interview with Stefan Daniel of Leica AG

Megapixel posted an interesting interview with Stefan Daniel (Director Product Management at Leica Camera AG). Some of the Q&A covered digital M cameras and new products. While nothing new was really said that we didn't already know, here are some highlights:

The Stainless Steel "Fake Leica" Sculpture

This is the story of a 350kg stainless steel Leica camera. The sculpture was created by the Chinese artist Liao Yibai. There are only a few of these “Fake Leica” sculptures in the world - one is located in the Leica Store Lisse, Leica Camera AG got one and a distributor got another. The largest one was on display in the Leica Store Los Angeles - until it was later sold. The camera body is based on the Leica M6 and M7 and even has M9 design pieces on the back (LCD screen). This is where the name “Fake Leica” comes from. The lens is a Summicron 50mm f/2, 1953-1960 style. Full details of the design in this PDF. Read more below for additional photos!

Blackstone Acquires 44% Share of Leica

The Blackstone Group has acquired 44% of the Leica shares from ACM (the Kaufmann family) as an investor, which will allow Leica to expand internationally. Additional information here on Reuters and here on n-tv (translate to English). Here's the full press release...

Two New Leica Limited Editions

We've got two new Leica limited editions to tell you about you about today, based on a Leica M9-P and M7 (with an M9 to follow).