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More Recent Leica Related Articles

We like to troll the net for all sorts of Leica related articles, especially those that might otherwise slip under the radar. This update brings another round of some interesting articles worth passing on. What's interesting to note is that they're also mostly about film bodies and how they played a part in the lives of the photographers discussed in the articles. To say the Leica is deeply entrenched in the scene might just be an understatement...

New 24MP Sensor for M10?

With Kodak in the lurch these days (and as the sole provider of the sensor in current digital M cameras) there's some speculation that a new sensor recently posted by Dalsa (or a variant) could be the one used in the upcoming Leica "M10" camera... Read more below for the full specs.


Anti-Aliasing Filter Primer

Added today is the Anti-Aliasing Filter Primer article.

When designing the digital M cameras, Leica made two very important decisions regarding the sensor in an effort to maximize the sharpness of the image. Borrowing a page from more pro-level, medium format digital backs and eliminating the anti-aliasing filter being one of them. This article looks at how the lack of an anti-aliasing filter affects images from the digital M cameras.

The History of Leica (German)

Leica - ein Begriff, der vielen ein begehrliches Glitzern in die Augen zaubert. Denn schließlich handelt es sich nicht um irgendeinen Fotoapparat, sondern um die Kleinbild-Kamera, die in den zwanziger Jahren die Welt der Fotografie revolutionierte. Die Geschichte der Firma, die die Leitz-Kamera auf den Markt brachte, begann 1869 in Wetzlar: Dort übernahm damals Ernst Leitz senior die kleine optische Werkstatt von Carl Kellner, in der Mikroskope gebaut wurden. Translation below:



Leica Reports 8.5% Sales Increase

Leica Camera Group has reported an 8.5% sales increase for the 3rd quarter of fiscal year 2011/2012 (compared to same period from previous year). Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) is up 10%. The company also added 79 new employees in 2011. Full press release below:


Leica M Shoots Mercedes SL...

Leica M shoots Mercedes SL... A photojournalistic NYCity trip. A journalist event for the anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz SL world presentation at the NYC auto show: