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M10 to Cost Less Than M Monochrom

In case you missed it (we've mentioned it here several times) we're going to spell it out. The upcoming M10 will cost less than the M Monochrom (which is currently $7,950 USD). There will also be the more entry-level "ME" body. Carry on.


Roland Wolff & Justin Stailey Talk MM

Complex’s Video Director, Jonathan Lees, took a trip down to the new Leica Store and Gallery in Washington, DC to see Jacob Aue Sobol’s B&W exhibit exclusively utilizing the new Leica M-Monochrom camera. While there, he had a chance to sit down for a lengthy discussion with some key players from the legendary German camera brand including VP of Marketing and Corporate Retail, Roland Wolff, and Product Specialist Justin Stailey.


Leica Announces Junior Photographer Program

Leica Camera AG has issued a press release (in German) announcing a junior photographer program called the "Leica Mentoring Program" at the St. Moritz Art Masters 2012 festival. Read more below for the press release (and translation to English):


Storm Brewing Over M8 LCD Issue

Some folks have reported that Leica can (or will) no longer repair LCDs on the M8 (and assumably variants like the M8.2 and "M8u"). Leica has said that they no longer have the spare parts available. Naturally, there's quite a storm brewing among all the M8 shooters out there. Read more below for the rest of the story and an official response from Stefan Daniel on the matter.


Pursuit of perfection: Hand-crafting a Leica lens

Humans Invent interviewed Stefan Daniel to understand just how Leica lenses are made and the effort which goes into making them in Pursuit of perfection: Hand-crafting a Leica lens. "With lenses comprising over 100 parts and undergoing upwards of 60 quality control checks before being allowed out, they are both beautifully crafted and undeniably high end."


New Leica Products at Photokina 2012

Can't stand the anticipation of what Leica has in store for us at Photokina 2012 - or their own special event "Das Wesentliche" in Cologne the night before? We have it on good authority through a well-placed source (not a forum post) on what to expect. This is a La Vida Leica exclusive! Read more below for the full scoop!