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Unfortunate Theft in Chicago Suburb

The Chicago Tribune has an unfortunate entry in their Police Blotter section for yesterday... Be careful who your friends are. Hopefully this is sorted out and the items returned to their rightful owner!

Residents of the first block of Linden Avenue told police Feb. 24 that someone got into their home between 11:15 a.m. Feb. 22 and 6 p.m. Feb. 24, and stole more than $36,000 worth of goods without tripping the home's burglar alarm. The losses included a Leica camera valued at $25,000, camera lenses valued at a total of $10,000, 12 bottles of wine valued at a total of $1,000 and two boxes of cigars. Police said a friend of one member of the family, who was invited to stay overnight on Feb. 20, might have committed the burglary. The residents told police they suspect the same person stole $1,000 in cash when a family member invited the person to stay overnight Feb. 20.

Leica Licenses Patent Portfolio of Intellectual Ventures

Leica Camera AG has licensed a patent portfolio of Intellectual Ventures to strengthen the existing intellectual property (IP) strategy and position of Leica Camera. The agreement provides the Wetzlar based manufacturer of cameras and sport optics products with a license to IV’s patent portfolio of nearly 40,000 IP assets in more than 50 technology areas, including digital imaging. Leica is also now a subscriber to IV’s IP-for-Defense™ program, a strategic defense tool for companies faced with the threat of patent litigation. Under this agreement, Leica can access patents from IV’s growing portfolio on an as-needed basis to protect its business. Read more below for details!

Stan Tamarkin Site Hacked

The name Stan Tamarkin (of Stan Tamarkin Camera for example) should sound familiar to many. He runs the Stan Tamarkin Rare Camera Auctions site, as well... Which apparently wasn't kept up to date, and got hacked on October 31, 2014 - and the evidence is still there two weeks later! This might give you pause, considering the high profile auction taking place on November 15, 2014 - only two days away. The fact that these spam-laden posts have gone undetected and unmoderated is not a comforting feeling... As the site cannot be trusted at this time, which jeopardizes registrations at the very least. Read more below for update.


Iconic Alfred Eisenstaedt Image a Sex Attack?

Yes, it seems to be true. The French feminist group Osez Le Feminisme are suggesting that the iconic Alfred Eisenstaedt "V-J Day" photo (taken in Times Square, NYC in 1945) "portrays a sexual assault." So much so, that they're demanding a statue be taken down that recreates the photo, and is currently on display outside the Caen Memorial Museum near Pegasus Bridge in Normandy. The statue, created by J. Seward Johnson Jr., was given to the museum on a one-year loan by the Sculpture Foundation in California to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. Despite the complaints, the museum is saying it has no plans to remove the statue, which is set to stay on its premises for the next year. This same iconic image is featured in the recent Leica "100" video that has gone simply viral.


AppCam Alleges Leica Stole UI for the T

The recently introduced Leica T which we all know by now, features a 16.5MP APS-C sensor, interchangeable lenses... And a very unique touchscreen interface. Or is it? Well, it seems the folks at AppCam have a serious problem with it. In a press release (seen below) they make allegations that Leica has stolen the interface for the Leica T from them. Supposedly these two companies have worked together in the past to some degree, which lends some credibility to the allegations. Turns out that Leica later declined to use AppCam's software. Yet here it is, the Leica T - with a startlingly similar interface. Read more below for the full story and update!

Leica Rumors and Theft of Content

We've bitten our tongue enough times now, but this is it. We've noticed over and over again the theft of our content by the site Leica Rumors. Typically it means they glom our news posts in an effort to shortcut us (they admittedly have more followers, for now) and provide content for their site. For proof of this, look at the posts on that site, and then look at the posts on this site - specifically, the time and date of their posting. You'll notice that more often than not, we were first. But such is the nature of the online "news" business... But the thefts are blatant and obvious, and happen repeatedly. Now we've seen, directly, a second time this has happened and are going live with this story - which we've hesitated to post previously. Read more below for the full details and examples of all three.