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Lego Leica M8 - White Edition

H.Y. Leung made his own white Special Edition of the Leica M8 using LEGO pieces. The attention to detail is very nicely done, and you can even look through the viewfinder! You can find the set of photos on Flickr.


Right, But I Have a 1D...

Surely this has never happened to anyone, right? Short clip from HBO's new series "Veep." The V.P.'s official lip-reading photographer and Jonah, the sniveling creep from the President's office discuss Canon gear:



The Ultimate Lens Cleaning

How to get those lenses really clean! :D

How to Clean a Camera Lens


M9 and Noctilux Review

A new Leica shooter shares his first impressions over his new M9 and Noctilux (f/1 version):


Leica M10 to Have IR Sensor

We got a hot tip that the upcoming Leica M10 will indeed have a "black and white sensor" but that it will be IR (thermal imaging). Now, this is just a rumor... So take it with a grain of salt. Read more below for more info...


Shtuff People Say to Photographers

A corollary to our earlier post, "Sh*t Photographers Say" comes this piece - which covers the flipside.