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How to Annoy a Photography Snob

If you've been on certain (most?) photography forums or in photo clubs long enough, you've probably heard each and every one of these points brought up. Taken out of context and put in a humorous light as the gang from DigitalRev does here... They really are laughable on the face of it - especially to your non-photographer friends! Don't be that guy/gal.

How to Annoy a Photography Snob - Top 10!


M Monochrom with "Red Dot" SE?

No, not really - but if this isn't some sort of error, it may mark a new low for Leica "special editions." Apparently you can order an M Monochrom with a "red dot" (Leica logo roundel) for only €3,000 ($4066 USD) over the regular version. We're quite frankly amazed. Compare the regular version against the red-dotted one over on the Leica Store Berlin website. While it appears to be a one-off (and not a true special edition as it says "Einzelstück" or single piece), we really hope this is a gaff. You can also order an M Monochrom prototype for €14,000 ($18,927 USD)... Read more below for additional pictures.

Developing Film with Lego Mindstorms

Jan van den Broek shows us In this video how you can develop film (35mm and rollfilm) using Lego Mindstorms... Remember, what you see are the very first results. The goal was, besides the Lego RCX 1.0, to use simple materials.

After loading the film into the reel and linking it to the machine I have now my hands and time free...

DIY Semi automatic film processor with Lego (color and black & white)

Is That a M6? (NSFW)

A bit of a cheeky video (actually a scene from Eurotrip) - but features a Leica! There may also be some technical inaccuracies... You have been warned.

Euro trip leica m7


Just Like the Pros - Part Deux

As in our last, sad video of gear destruction - Just Like the Pros - Almost - this one also ends in carnage. Photographer Chase Jarvis has a slight mishap while experimenting with the DJI Phantom drone and Sony RX100II camera in Iceland. Moral of the story? Don't experiment with drones, especially those carrying cameras - near water. Oops. This one was definitely NOT staged.

DJI Phantom Drone Crash! | Chase Jarvis TECH | ChaseJarvis


Just Like the Pros - Almost

Follow along with this intrepid photographer, who shows us how to mount and unmount his $2,300 USD Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens quickly, with one hand... Just before he drops it on the concrete! Don't be that guy. Read more below for update!

Photographer FAIL. Drops $2,300 Canon L Series Lens