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Kodak - Booyah!

This is actually an older video (from at least 2006) but that actually makes it funnier today... Or sadder, depending on how you look at it. Enjoy this "Kodak moment(TM)." Read more below!

Winds of Change

Sandro Miller + John Malkovitz = Che Guevara

What do Che Guevara and John Malkovitz have in common? Well, if Sandro Miller is involved... He's gone and recreated famous portraits with the latter, including the famous picture of Che (taken with a Leica M2) and seen above.

Big Daddy Kane: Leica M6 is Shitty

Over on the New Yorker in "Hip-hop Stars Get Their Start", photographer Lisa Leone recalls a time when shooting rapper Big Daddy Kane that he referred to her Leica M6 as "shitty." Funny, we might say the same about his music... But she sets him straight and gets the last laugh.

Once, when she was photographing the rapper Big Daddy Kane, “he said my camera was shitty. I could only laugh while holding my Leica M6. I told him, ‘I don’t go into the studio and tell you what equipment to use.’ He chilled out after that.”

How to Follow La Vida Leica

Our new (as of early this year) server is awesome and should have no problems next week. But if you'd rather... You can also follow our news on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, Reddit, Pinterest and YouTube. At the very least, it'll suck less than Apple's live streaming on Tuesday. ;)

Leica Announces the New Leica M-S

Only a day after Leica announced the new Leica M-P camera, comes word of another variant available - the Leica M-S! As you probably know, the "P" stands for Professional. This new variant, carrying the "S" designation - stands for Screw. We're told the cost would be slightly higher than the standard M-P version upon which it's based by $500 USD, because the screw is made from a special titanium that's hand-polished for no less than a full half hour by trained technicians in Wetzlar, Germany. Read more below about a possible limited edition...


Leica T and Hasselblad Lunar - Compared!

We've seen some silly comparisons before but this one may take the cake. Of course, some have considered exactly this comparison in reaction to the new Leica T. But in its defense, it is what it is and does not try to simply dress up an existing camera as the Lunar does. Take it as you will... Gizmag's Leica T vs. Hasselblad Lunar comparison! To be fair, they do give it a nice review in the more serious Hands on: A week with the gorgeous Leica T.