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Louis C.K. - Comedian and Leica Shooter

Of course, it's no secret that comedian Louis C.K. is a Leica shooter but we were recently reminded of this again when he toured New York City Hall with Mayor Bill de Blasio...

Dressed inconspicuously in a black shirt and jeans, Louis C.K. dived in and out of the Brownsville crowd to stay close to Mr. de Blasio, snapping photos with a Leica camera and scribbling notes in a battered Mead notebook.

Most Expensive Cameras - Leica Has 4 of 11

Perhaps you shouldn't be surprised that Leica cameras appear in lists of "the most expensive cameras." But there's so many things wrong with that. Consumer... Professional... Or special purpose, like the Hubble Space Telescope? Well, it must be that time of year again, as Insider Monkey (a financial trading site, actually) has compiled a list of the "11 Most Expensive Digital Cameras." So take this article with a grain of salt (or three)... As Leica appears not once, not twice - but four times on this list!

Leica Releases Firmware v2.0.2.5 for M/M-P

Leica today has finally released the v2.0.2.5 firmware that made a brief appearance - but quickly disappeared recently. The whopping list of improvements include a new menu item and some bugfixes for freezes occurring during the use of Live View or Video modes. Read more below for details and download links!

Leica on the Future of Sensor Technology

In an article over on Germany's ColorFoto website, there's a discussion by "Leica on the future of sensor technology" (in German). A lot of interesting bits on the sensor of the M and using both R lenses and classic M lenses on it, some CMOS vs. CCD and even the future of the S system. Well worth checking out. Read more below for translation!

The New Leica Q - WHO MADE YQU?

As investigative journalists and generally just downright nosy bastards... We're not too keen on Leica Camera's secrecy behind the new Leica Q (Type 116) camera. For example, who made the sensor? We're assured by Leica that "The sensor is a newly exclusively developed one for the Q. Nothing to do with the M sensor or CMOSIS." So then, who is it made by? Sanyo/Panasonic? Sony? We intend to find out! Check out our budding WHO MADE YQU? Kickstarter campaign! If there's enough interest, we'll go live - and do it! Once complete, we'll auction the camera and donate the proceeds (minus any overhead) to Kinderlachen e.V.


Caution - Leica Q EVF Easily Scratched

We've come across a report from a user that shoots his new Leica Q (Type 116) while wearing eyeglasses... And unfortunately, this is not a happy report. It would seem that the multi-coated EVF can be easily scratched. What you see above (larger image) is the result of only two and a half days of shooting! These are actual marks in the coating and not just smudges that can be cleaned - likely caused by the metal bridge of the eyeglasses. So far, this is the only incident that we're aware of - but we wanted to give you a heads-up before it happens to your Q!