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The Travel Kit

Added today is The Travel Kit article.

Hoping to answer the perennial favorite, "what should I bring?" question.

Is the M8 Still a Good Choice?

Added today is the Is the M8 Still a Good Choice? article.

Is the M8 or M8.2 still a good choice in light of the M9? This article explains; most definitely.

New MS-Optical Super Triplet Perar 3.5/35 Mark II Announced

Japanexposures announced a new version of the smallest M-mount lens available today: the MS Super Triplet Perar 3.5/35 Mark II. The previous version sold out several months ago. The new lens has some minor changes...


Shooting in the Dark

Added today is the Shooting in the Dark article.

The article discusses the high-ISO drama and general techniques for available light shooting.

Choosing Focal Lengths

Added today is the Choosing Focal Lengths article.

The article discusses what the "typical" focal lengths for a rangefinder are and what's involved with both going wider and longer.

Polarizers and the M System

Added today is the Polarizers and the M System article.

The article discusses several solutions to allow you to use a polarizing filter with an M camera - something that's not necessarily as easy as you might think.