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Jürgen Schadeberg and South African Photojournalism

This video is for film camera shooters. In it, celebrated photographer Jürgen Schadeberg talks about the beautiful Leica cameras he has used in his career. He has taken some of the most iconic photos of apartheid-era South Africa with them. Only this year one of is images of Mandela fetched £10,000 in auction. Leica or no Leica, if you shoot film, this little film will make you want to go out and shoot a roll straightaway!

Leica cameras, Jürgen Schadeberg and South African photo journalism


175 Years of Photography - Film Lives On

Over on Prophoto Online is an interesting historical look at something near and dear to our hearts - film! The piece "175 Years of Photography - Film Lives On" (in German) takes a look at film from its humble beginnings as dry plates, to color and instant films through today. Despite the unstoppable onslaught of digital, it's still enjoyed by many photographers... Its demise often foretold, but still not realized. If anything, it's arguably enjoying a resurgence these days. Read more below for translation.

Leica MP and X2 Olive Limited Editions

DC Watch reports that a new Leica MP Olive and X2 Olive limited editions were announced in Japan to commemorate the opening of the Leica Store Kyoto, which will take place on March 15, 2014. It will be the 7th domestic store and located in the Machiya building on the main street of the beautiful Gion "Hanami alley" district of Kyoto. The cameras can be purchased there on that date and select other stores and boutiques as of April 1, 2014. Read more below for additional details and images!

ADOX Interview with Mirko Böddecker

The site has a great piece called "Mirko Böddecker, Adox, im Interview" (in German) where Böddecker talks about all things ADOX - a brand we (all?) know and love... The market is stable, if not doing well and new products are continuously under development. This bodes well for us film shooters. In fact, there's talk of further color films and of course papers and chemicals. Read more below for translation.

Erwin Puts - New Leica Practicum Book

Erwin Puts is working on a new 500 page book called Leica Practicum that will be printed in March and start shipping in April. Pricing will be about €65 ($89 USD, includes shipping). His books are usually limited edition runs, and are thus hard to find. So if you're interested, keep an eye out (we'll keep you updated!). Read more below for details.

Photographer Reunited with Long Lost M2

Over on Amateur Photographer they have a story about a "Photographer 'Reunited' with Leica Camera After 30 Years." Paul Salmon bought his first Leica, an M2 (produced from 1958 to 1967) second-hand in 1982. He used it on newspaper and magazine photo assignments worldwide - until 1984 when he sold it to a shop in Leeds as part of plan to upgrade his camera equipment. He didn't see it again until 2013; turns out, he had his name engraved on the back. Thanks to this, he received an email from the new owner (who is based in Paris) who bought the camera from a Spanish University lecturer living in Madrid via eBay. He thought about buying it back - but decided that the new owner should enjoy it as he had! Read more below for the full story.