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Introduction to Light Meters Article

In keeping with the spirit of Lucky Film Friday we've added a new article today, Introduction to Light Meters!

Guest writer Ray Larose gives us a great introduction to light meters, from a smartphone app to analog and digital handheld models - giving pros and cons to each and things to consider!

Lucky Film Friday!

We haven't had a good film post in a while, so why not have a Film Friday! If you haven't seen our articles yet, give them a look - Using Filters in B&W Photography, Choosing a B&W Film Developer and Quick Guide to Developing Film at Home. Great introductions to the process. If you're an Ilford shooter, check out their excellent Processing Your First Black & White Film (PDF) publication. Last but not least, La Vida Leica reader and Exposure photographer Ray Larose has written up a great article on Buying Vintage Leica Film Cameras that's been really popular the last week. Happy Film Friday - and GOOD LUCK today! Read more below!


Andrew Spencer - The Leica Story

Andrew Spencer shared with us a really neat story about a good friend and his dad - and an amazing collection of cameras... Including a very nice Leica M2 with 35mm, 50mm and 90mm lenses that he was given access to. Read more about this story in his blog post, "1928 - The Leica Story" and be sure to check out the pictures as well. Sorry to hear of your friend's dad passing Andrew, and thanks for sharing this with us!

Buying Vintage Leica Film Cameras Article

Added today is a great article, Buying Vintage Leica Film Cameras!

Guest writer Ray Larose (who you may remember from his Exposure post here recently) contributes this article on the ins and outs of buying a used Leica film camera - how to go about it and what to look out for!

100th Anniversary M Sets and More!

Continuing from yesterday's Leitz Park Opening Festival, Leica's been busy today as well... Something we've been hearing about for a while - has come to fruition! Many announcements, including the Leica M Edition 100 set as well as a silver M Monochrom option, a "new" Leica M-A analog film camera, a new lens (the Summilux-M 28mm f/1.4 ASPH), the new Valbray EL1 Chrono watch and more! Read more below for all the details!

Jürgen Schadeberg and South African Photojournalism

This video is for film camera shooters. In it, celebrated photographer Jürgen Schadeberg talks about the beautiful Leica cameras he has used in his career. He has taken some of the most iconic photos of apartheid-era South Africa with them. Only this year one of is images of Mandela fetched £10,000 in auction. Leica or no Leica, if you shoot film, this little film will make you want to go out and shoot a roll straightaway!

Leica cameras, Jürgen Schadeberg and South African photo journalism