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Leica M-A Now Shipping in U.S.

The camera that we broke the news on, the Leica M-A (Type 127) film camera - is now shipping in the U.S. and is currently in stock at Adorama, Amazon, B&H and Leica Store San Francisco (currently only black models). The M-A was introduced by Leica at Photokina 2014 - and unlike the MP, it does not have a light meter and is fully mechanical (it does not require batteries to operate).


Kodak - Booyah!

This is actually an older video (from at least 2006) but that actually makes it funnier today... Or sadder, depending on how you look at it. Enjoy this "Kodak moment(TM)." Read more below!

Winds of Change

Famous James Bond Leicas Up for Auction?

Remember those Leica cameras that secret agent James Bond (007) made famous? Like the Leica M3 in "Dr. No" or the one in "Thunderball?" Well, now's your chance to pick one up (sort of) - at Richard Winterton’s autumn fine art and collectors’ sale next Tuesday (September 30, 2014) in Lichfield, UK. Read more about it in "James Bond bonanza for 007 fans at Lichfield auction." However, if you view the online catalog of the auction, you realize that they're really just Leica IIIc cameras, and have nothing to do with James Bond. Just clever marketing. Oh well.

The auction also includes several iconic Leica cameras, a brand featured in Thunderball and other original novels...

Sony A7 Sensor In a Leica M3?

Ollie Baker, who has made previous Frankencameras has started a Kickstarter project to fund his latest project - to develop an easy and reversible digital conversion on a Leica M3, utilizing the sensor of a Sony A7:

I will be placing a digital sensor within the M3 with all the circuitry and electronics it requires to work. The sensor will probably be from the Sony NEX-5 but if I can get enough funding I will try to use the the full frame Sony A7. I am planning to make two models, one with a the camera's LCD for viewing photos and adjusting settings, and the other with only an ISO dial.

Epson Announces v800/v850 Flatbed Scanners

A lot of our readers are dyed-in-the-wool film shooters, be it 35mm with a Leica or 120 medium format. One range of scanners that's been super popular are the EPSON Perfection v700 Photo and v750-M Pro scanners. Especially when fitted with Doug's enhancements. You can count us among the happy users of the v700 for film scanning! Well, at Photokina 2014 - EPSON (Stand B11, Hall 2.2) has announced the new successors, the v800 Photo and v850 Pro scanners. Both will be available as of October 2014! Read more below for details!


Leica Announces Leica M-A (Type 127)

Finally, after 14 years Leica Camera again announces a new rangefinder film camera – the Leica M-A (Type 127). The features are identical to the still available (and will remain that way!) Leica MP - but lacks exposure metering, a battery or any even electronics at all. The Leica M-A was actually introduced earlier as part of the Leica M "Edition 100" set introduced during the inauguration of the new Leitz Park in spring. We broke the news that this camera would be part of the regular line-up! This regular version will be available in black or silver chrome and available from authorized Leica dealers starting October 2014. The price in Germany is 3,850 €, international prices will be announced later. Read more below for details!