Content having to do with good old-fashioned analog film.

New England Photo Walk - Portsmouth

If you're in certain circles of the Leica community, you may have heard of London Walk, a.k.a. LNDNWLK (which one of our Exposure photographers, Johnny Patience put together). Spun off of the huge success behind it, comes the first New England Photo Walk - and is coming May 15, 2015 to Portsmouth, NH! Walk, talk, shoot then pop into a pub for a few beers! As luck would have it, this event is also being put together by a past Exposure photographer, valued friend and contributor to La Vida Leica, Ray Larose! Both Richard Photo Lab and Hunt’s Photo & Video will be supporting this event! We're spreading the word - so if you're able, go and check it out!

Encouraging Film Stats from Ilford Photo

Some very encouraging news on the film front from Ilford Photo coming in a press release from yesterday, detailing results of the 2014 film survey. Some quick numbers include thousands of people from 70 countries, with 98% of those using black and white film - 31% exclusively! This is in stark contrast to the 2% that use color film only. Furthermore, 90% of these people utilize online forums... We'd like to think that we're one of those! In any event, it's clear that Ilford Photo listens to and supports their customers (us!) and we thank them for it! Read more below for details!


Film Didn't Die with Kodak

The Financial Times is sharing a video of "Film didn't die with Kodak's Chapter 11" saying, "Kodak's Chapter 11 filing in 2012 was believed to spell the death of film photography. Only a few manufacturers now make film and much less of it, but celluloid appears to be making a comeback. The FT's Steve Ager investigates the resurgent interest in analogue."

Street Photographer Andre D. Wagner and his Leica

Brooklyn-based photographer, Andre D. Wagner, received a BFA in Social Work and Digital Media in 2010. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, he now focuses on his passion which is street and documentary style photography. Definitely check out the great video and his website - read more below!

Andre D. Wagner, Photographer


Leica Announces M3D Film Camera

Leica has quietly released what they bill as a "new edition of a legend" some three weeks ago. The film camera M3D. Based off of the current Leica M-A, albeit with a "reverse panda" look - black with chrome dials. It's based on the original Leica M3D, which was a very limited set of customized cameras; only four were made - and explains the "-5" in the name/photo above. This time, only 16 will be produced. Furthermore, it will have a film counter reminiscent of the M2, and both a film rewind knob and smaller shutter speed dial, complete with a cutout for a Leicameter. The rewind, frame preview and film wind levers are the old style. There even appears to be a PC sync port out back, a Leicavit on the bottom and a special edition Summicron-M 50mm f/2 lens. All in all, a rather accurate reproduction - "new edition of a legend" indeed. Read more below for more details.

Leica a Benchmark for Apple Watch Sales?

An article over on Monday Note called "Apple Watch: Hard Questions, Facile Predictions" discusses potential sales numbers for the upcoming Apple Watch (which is set to to drop early next year). Okay, so the Leica connection is a bit tenuous, but we thought the mechanical camera corollary was interesting - to wit:

Unless you were a photojournalist or fashion photographer taking hundreds of pictures a day, these cameras lasted forever. A decade of use would come and go without impact on the quality of your pictures or the solid feel of the product. People treasured their Hasselblads, Leicas (not an SLR), Canons, and more obscure marques such as the Swiss Alpa... These were purely mechanical marvels.