A weekly post exposing a Leica photographer who's work we and/or others enjoy!

Exposure: Dave Powell

Today's Exposure post is about a fellow from Boston, who's turned his situation into a passion for photography. His name is Dave Powell of ShootTokyo and photography is his outlet from an otherwise busy and sometimes stressful life. He primarily shoots a fine collection of Leica cameras (film and digital) including an M9-P, M Monochrom and M6-J. Making his home in Tokyo with his wife and son, he often travels to Sydney, Singapore and San Francisco for work - making for a rich variety of (primarily) street photography. You can also catch up with Dave on his Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

Exposure: Matt Day

We have a new Exposure post for you today, and he's Matt Day! He's 23 years old and lives in Chillicothe, Ohio. He's been shooting for nearly a decade - and making a living from it (shooting portraits) since 2011. Living the dream! He loves working with people and sharing his passion, which shows. He's also an avid fan of film, shooting a Leica M6, writing "Film is where I started with my photography and I've always been very passionate about it. I feel that I've always made better photos with this process and that's why I shoot film, because it's not about how the photo was made, it's just about making great photos." Sage advice right there. You should really check out his site which shows off some of his work and his blog. You can also catch up with Matt on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Exposure: Dan Baker

We humbly apologize for being a bit behind on our Exposure posts (we've been busy building a new La Vida Leica server!). So without further ado, we present this week's Exposure photographer... Dan Baker! Dan is a freelance and wedding photographer from Lincolnshire UK. He's been a Leica photographer for a number of years now but after recently updating his equipment to the new M (type 240) he's decided to start posting more work online once again! You can catch up with him on his blog, Facebook, and on Twitter!


Exposure: Ray Larose

Ray Larose is a photographer we've met mostly through our Twitter interactions much like our previous "Exposure" photographer, Johnny Patience. About a year ago, in February - Ray sold off about $10k worth of Nikon gear and went with the Leica M-E and some (fine) lenses - such as the Zeiss 2/35 Biogon ZM and Leica Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH. In that time, he's discovered what it is to shoot a rangefinder (we love these kinds of stories). Follow along on his discovery in parts one, two,three and four. Some really lovely portraiture, nature and other work can be found on his site and you can also catch up with Ray on his Flickr photostream.


Exposure: Johnny Patience

Introducing... Our first "Exposure" post. Each week, we'll be exposing one random (Leica) photographer who's work we enjoy. If you feel you've got the chops and want some exposure or would like to nominate someone, by all means - contact us! All we need is a blurb and a URL. We're still developing this, so bear with us. Enjoy!

Johnny Patience is a Fine Art photographer based in Ireland, where he lives with his wife Rebecca Lily. His love for photography has brought him to many countries around the world. He shoots both, film and digital and works with very little gear involved. Mostly one camera, one lens and natural light. Johnny’s work has been awarded by the IPA, and featured online and in print.