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Amy Arbus: On the Street 1980-1990

The New York Times writes of an exhibition running through April 19th at the Leica Gallery (670 Broadway, near Bond Street, NoHo) of Amy Arbus (Diane Arbus' daughter) in Amy Arbus: ‘On the Street 1980-1990’ which is showcasing 45 of her images. She "posed her subjects astutely — a black-and-white dress before a wall patterned with zebras — and shot from slightly below to suggest they were monuments." As huge fans of the eighties, this sounds like a rad exhibit...

ICP to Close Midtown Museum

Literally just ten days ago, we told you about the Robert Capa in Color exhibit at the International Center of Photography (ICP) and today we have more, rather bittersweet news concerning them. Apparently in the burgeoning commercial rental market in NYC, the landlord of the building, the Durst Organization - is likely squeezing them. The current lease is coming to an end in January 2015, and the center has not renegotiated a new one and thus will close its midtown museum. They're looking to announce a new site this spring. The school, which is not on the same lease, will remain at its current location of 1114 Sixth Avenue. Read more below.

Q&A with Photographer Frank Hallam Day

The Creative Review has a nice "Q&A with photographer Frank Hallam Day" for us. You may have seen some of his work such as the "RV Night" series (one shot of which is seen above) and "Ship Hulls." He's based out of Washington, and a self-taught photographer - he exhibits and also teaches photography in several educational institutions in the U.S. Like many of us, he got bitten by the photography bug at an early age; watching his dad in the darkroom. A nice read!

... I don't use medium format film any more; full frame digital is just as good as scanned MF film. Now I carry the Leica M, a bunch of Leica glass, and the new Sony Alpha 7r with an adapter to use the Leica lenses. Leica glass is amazing, nothing else like it.

Jessica Lange Presents Exhibition in Moscow

A Leica M6 that started off as a gift seemed to inspire Jessica Lange, who started photographing her children (in black and white) and is now presenting her exhibition in Moscow:

Jessica Lange presents her exhibition in Moscow, 12.03.2014 / Джессика Лэнг в Москве

Garry Winogrand at The National Gallery of Art

The Washington Times is running an article called "The way we were (in pictures)" about Garry Winogrand and an exciting exhibition of "wall after wall, gallery after gallery of pictures in this enormous display of images." The exhibition takes place at The National Gallery of Art (6th and Constitution Ave NW, Washington, D.C.) from March 2 to June 8, 2014. The article is also a nice read on the life and work of Garry Winogrand. Check them both out, if you can.

Robert Capa in Color at the ICP

From Blouin Art Info comes this video about wartime photographer Robert Capa - who covered five wars, and captured some of the most iconic wartime photos ever published. His most famous series is called, "The Magnificent Eleven," a group of 11 photos from D-Day, when Capa joined American and allied troops storming Normandy's Omaha Beach in 1944. The black and white photos were published in Life Magazine and gave the world new insight into the reality of war. Read more below for details...

Robert Capa's Photographs in Color