"American Made" by Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden is talking about the Giant Prints and his 'American Made' project/exhibition in Hamburg. See the whole project in LFI's special edition of the S Magazine.

American Made – Bruce Gilden

Fake Leica Meets Minecraft?

Back at the end of August, the "Fake Leica" sculpture by Chinese artist Liao Yibai that was at the Leica Store Los Angeles sold. It was the largest of several such "Fake Leica" sculptures, and was listed for $1M USD. No word on if it did fetch that much or who bought it - but we have an idea. You may have heard the name Markus Persson. No? He's the guy that created the game Minecraft - which he recently sold to Microsoft for $2.5B USD. Turns out, he just bought a $70M USD house up in Beverly Hills. As you might expect, this mega-expensive bachelor pad comes complete with a raft of cars and art, including "a giant Leica camera." Doing the math, it seems this may just be where that sculpture ended up. One thing's for certain - it's got a sweet view of L.A. below. Read more below for details.

The Stainless Steel "Fake Leica" Sculpture

This is the story of a 350kg stainless steel Leica camera. The sculpture was created by the Chinese artist Liao Yibai. There are only a few of these “Fake Leica” sculptures in the world - one is located in the Leica Store Lisse, Leica Camera AG got one and a distributor got another. The largest one was on display in the Leica Store Los Angeles - until it was later sold. The camera body is based on the Leica M6 and M7 and even has M9 design pieces on the back (LCD screen). This is where the name “Fake Leica” comes from. The lens is a Summicron 50mm f/2, 1953-1960 style. Full details of the design in this PDF. Read more below for additional photos!