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Walter Leica Eyepiece Promotion!

In conjunction with Walter Leica we are proud to offer an exclusive, limited-time promotion! For the month of September, you can purchase the Walter Leica Eyepiece for only $350 USD (a savings of $35 over the regular price). If you're unfamiliar, we have a full review (be sure to check out the update). The rules are simple; you must be a La Vida Leica member and provide your username and a code when placing your order. Payment at this time is accepted via PayPal - details are available here (accessible by members only - register here).

Walter Unveils SD Card Holder

This is a world exclusive announcement! Walter Pretorius (of Walter Leica fame) has unleashed his latest creation upon the world - the SD Card Holder (pictured above). It attaches to your bag or camera strap and securely holds two SD cards. The bottom is securely held on with rare earth magnets (which are safe) and is styled like an M camera! It's available today for $185 USD. Read more below for details!

New Leica Products at Photokina 2012

Can't stand the anticipation of what Leica has in store for us at Photokina 2012 - or their own special event "Das Wesentliche" in Cologne the night before? We have it on good authority through a well-placed source (not a forum post) on what to expect. This is a La Vida Leica exclusive! Read more below for the full scoop!