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Levison Wood - Walking the Nile

A gentleman by the name of Levison Wood has taken it upon himself to walk up the Nile from its source all the way to the delta. No small feat, it spanned 3,800 miles, 6 countries and took 9 months. It would have been 4,250 miles had it not been for fighting in the South Sudan that forced him to skip a 450-mile section. Along for this epic journey was his trusty Leica camera. Read more below for details!


Daniel Arsham Leicas for Los Angeles Store

Exclusive La Vida Leica news! You may have heard the name Daniel Arsham before. He's a New York based artist who has been creating some very unique and interesting sculptures (including cameras) made of various stone materials. Turns out, he's even made a Leica camera or two (as is seen above). As you may also know, Leica Store Los Angeles sold their popular Fake Leica sculpture over the summer last year, in 2014 - leaving a large void where it once stood. This coming February 7, 2015 the void will be no more and filled with a glass showcase containing 25 life-sized Leica cameras, with five each of a different material by Arsham - including quartz, volcanic ash, and obsidian.

Colorful Leica Cameras for a Good Cause

Dortmund's children at the Kleine Kielstraße and Diesterweg Primary Schools have, through the initiative of Kinderlachen e.V. - unleashed their creativity. They have painted and decorated 140 cardboard Leica M cameras that will be on display in Wetzlar's Leitz Park. In return for the colorful and unique works of art, Leica Camera has given support to the non-profit organization and has made two unique cameras in the Kinderlachen design available. The cameras, a Leica M (Type 240) and a Leica M-E that were designed by the Munich artist Helmut Lutter, true to those created by the third and fourth graders Nesrin and René. Read more below for details!


Leica "Das Plätzchen" Contest 2014

Get out the sugar, flour, and baking supplies, we're bringing back our Holiday Cookie Contest and have some new things in store! Read more below for details!


Leica & Miami Street Photography Festival 2014

The third annual Miami Street Photography Festival (MSPF), in partnership with Leica Camera, will once again showcase the best of contemporary street photography, as viewed through the eyes of emerging photographers in the genre. “We are very excited to be partnering again this year with Leica in hosting this world class photography event,” said festival founder Juan Jose Reyes. “The goal of the festival is to establish a global platform for learning through exhibitions, workshops, lectures and other activities, and to elevate Miami as a center for photography.” It runs from December 4-7, 2014. Read more below for details!

Better Vacation Photos - For a Price

These tips come from Tom A. Smith and Craig Semetko, via Leica's Destinations in Focus program of workshops, which promise to "combine the inspirational and educational experience of a Leica Akademie workshop with the five-star luxury and personalized service of a members-only stay in an Exclusive Resorts villa." While the destinations and resorts vary, they certainly are grand - and include Costa Rica, Mexico and Tucson, AZ currently. We initially wrote about this last year, when the program was announced. Not cheap, by any stretch of the imagination... They start at $2,999 USD and reach a lofty $7,000 USD.