Content of, about or in a documentary (e.g. historical) nature.

Robin Sinha on Meeting Elliott Erwitt

Over on the official site of The Macallan - Leica Akademie Tutor Robin Sinha shares his account of meeting Elliott Erwitt, the world’s most influential living photographer and reflects on his chance to capture his icon’s character in "Meeting Elliott Erwitt by Leica’s Robin Sinha." Read more below for the article.

Helga Welter, Leica Shooter for 50 Years

The General-Anzeiger in Bonn, Germany reports (in German) "Photographer for 50 Years in Aegidienberg" - an inspiring story about Helga Welter, who 50 years ago bought an M2 and gained her independence by starting her own photography business, still shooting with it today! Read more below for the translation...

Thomas Does NYC Teaser

This is the pilot-teaser to "Thomas Does NYC" - an interactive street photography project, run by Thomas Bönig Photography. Read more below for additional info:


NYC Street Photographer: Markus Hartel

Teaser for an experimental documentary that follows the thought and progress of the very popular contemporary NYC Street Photographer: Markus Hartel. Read more below...


Henri Cartier Bresson - The Impassioned Eye

Heinz Bütler's Henri Cartier Bresson -- The Impassioned Eye is a mature, evocative biography of the man considered to be the greatest photographer of the last century and the grandfather of photojournalism. Interviews with Cartier-Bresson himself, Isabelle Huppert, Arthur Miller and other cultural luminaries are woven into this indelible portrait of an icon of both photography and the world.