Content of, about or in a documentary (e.g. historical) nature.

"Salt of the Earth" by Wenders/Salgado

The German newspaper Westfälische Nachrichten reports on a collaborative Wim Wenders and Ribeiro Salgado (son of Sebastião Salgado) documentary film in a piece entitled, "The Salt of the Earth - the Power of Pictures" (in German). Read more below for translation!

New Book: Eyes Wide Open - 100 Years of Leica

Leica Camera announced a new book to celebrate their 100 year anniversary, called "Eyes Wide Open - 100 Years of Leica". This 500 page book, measuring 10.6 x 12.5" (27 x 31,8 cm) is now available for pre-order. Read more below for links and full details!

100 Days in Tibet: The Leica S2

Three years ago, German photographer York Hovest made a promise to the Dalai Lama: that he would travel to Tibet, to places perhaps never seen before by tourists, and take photographs. Last month, Hovest delivered on his promise. With the help of Dr. Andreas Kaufmann and a Leica S2 in-hand, York Hovest set upon an epic journey. Read more about this fascinating story over on Die Welt in the article, "100 Days in Tibet: A Photographer's Promise to the Dalai Lama."

He places the Leica S2, a device weighing around three kilograms, on the tripod. Despite the clouds, the photographer tries to adjust the setting. This, too, is a race against time: Glove off, select the menu options and turn the control dial, glove back on and then warm the gloved hand in his trousers again. He only has a few seconds to work with his free hand. Otherwise he risks no longer being able to move it.

Sandro Miller + John Malkovitz = Che Guevara

What do Che Guevara and John Malkovitz have in common? Well, if Sandro Miller is involved... He's gone and recreated famous portraits with the latter, including the famous picture of Che (taken with a Leica M2) and seen above.

Big Daddy Kane: Leica M6 is Shitty

Over on the New Yorker in "Hip-hop Stars Get Their Start", photographer Lisa Leone recalls a time when shooting rapper Big Daddy Kane that he referred to her Leica M6 as "shitty." Funny, we might say the same about his music... But she sets him straight and gets the last laugh.

Once, when she was photographing the rapper Big Daddy Kane, “he said my camera was shitty. I could only laugh while holding my Leica M6. I told him, ‘I don’t go into the studio and tell you what equipment to use.’ He chilled out after that.”

New M Magazine on M Photography

M Magazine is a new magazine for Leica M Photography (and is available in print, on iTunes and Google Play). The first issue features Bruce Gilden, Trent Parke, Alex Webb, Jan Grarup, Anton Kusters, Ciril Jazbec and other pictures taken by acclaimed Leica photographers. Read more below!