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Is the M8 Still a Good Choice?

Added today is the Is the M8 Still a Good Choice? article.

Is the M8 or M8.2 still a good choice in light of the M9? This article explains; most definitely.

Shooting in the Dark

Added today is the Shooting in the Dark article.

The article discusses the high-ISO drama and general techniques for available light shooting.

Choosing Focal Lengths

Added today is the Choosing Focal Lengths article.

The article discusses what the "typical" focal lengths for a rangefinder are and what's involved with both going wider and longer.

Polarizers and the M System

Added today is the Polarizers and the M System article.

The article discusses several solutions to allow you to use a polarizing filter with an M camera - something that's not necessarily as easy as you might think.

Finally, a Faster CF/SD Card Reader!

As we all know... We've reached the speed limits of USB-based card readers some time ago. FireWire was a good option if you happened to shoot CF cards, but that doesn't help us M shooters much. So if you're graced with a USB 3.0 port...

UV/IR Filters

Added today is the UV/IR Filters article.

The article discusses the problem necessitating the use of the filters, the various manufacturers that make them, and their use on various cameras.