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M System Accessories

Added today is the M System Accessories article.

Like any camera system that's even mildly popular, the M system enjoys a wide variety of accessories to customize the user experience. In this article, we'll delve into some of the options available.

Interview with Stefan Daniel of Leica AG

Megapixel posted an interesting interview with Stefan Daniel (Director Product Management at Leica Camera AG). Some of the Q&A covered digital M cameras and new products. While nothing new was really said that we didn't already know, here are some highlights:

Leica Compendium - Third Printing

Erwin Puts will be printing a third run of his “Leica Compendium” book this November. It's not clear if there will be any changes in this run from the 2nd Edition released in August. If the previous two editions are any indication, they will sell out in short order.

There is such a demand for my Leica Compendium book that a third printing is necessary. It will become available end November 2011 and is printed in very limited numbers.

Two New Leica Limited Editions

We've got two new Leica limited editions to tell you about you about today, based on a Leica M9-P and M7 (with an M9 to follow).

New Accessory for Astigmatic Shooters

There is a new solution from Walter RX Eyepiece for M8/M9 shooters that suffer from astigmatism. Similar to viewfinder magnifiers, and lists for $479...

Leica Issues Update on M9/SDHC Card Compatibility

Back on August 5th, we posted the story of Leica issuing a statement on M9/SDHC card compatibility with an update posted on September 14th. Leica has today issued another update on the matter. Looks like we'll be seeing a firmware update soon that will address all these SD card issues...