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The Future of the Leica M (Cometh)

Exclusive La Vida Leica news! So, earlier in the week we dropped a little tidbit about the Leica Q (Type 116) coming in June. What about the Leica M, you ask? Many people have been thinking that there must be a megapixel monster lurking in the wings - to be introduced at Photokina 2016. Well, we have both good news and bad news - and in both cases, people are going to be talking about this for some time to come. Many will even say we're insane. But regular readers of La Vida Leica know that we've had many exclusive scoops in the past... The (new) Leica M Monochrom, M-E, M-A, T and X Vario to name a few. Read more below and prepare yourself...

CCD vs. CMOS - Animated

Photographer Raymond Sirí who's also an animator, created a couple of simple animations showing how CCD and CMOS sensor technologies go about capturing, reading and storing the information. One important difference is that CCD sensors capture the entire image at once, whereas CMOS sensors capture one row of data at a time (which can cause a “rolling shutter” effect). Then there's the whole CCD vs. CMOS debate amongst Leica users, with strong opinions on both sides of the fence. Read more below for the videos!

Leica Cameras Now with Lightroom 6

All [digital] Leica cameras purchased as of now are supplied with a licence for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6, the latest version of the powerful, professional image editing software from Adobe. You can download the software free from the Leica website as soon as you have registered your new camera. Lightroom 6 is universally considered to be the best and most professional image-processing software on the market. With Lightroom 6, owners of Leica cameras have access to a fully integrated workflow solution for managing and optimising their photos and publishing them on desktop and mobile devices.

Leica Q (Type 116) Coming Next Month

Exclusive La Vida Leica news! We have it on very good authority what next month will bring... Originally, we thought the new M Monochrom (Type 246) would arrive in June (until we revised that at the last minute). While we don't know for sure what the final name is (it's codenamed "Hemingway") we feel pretty confident it's going to be the Leica Q (Type 116) that we mentioned last month... Read more below for details!

Leica Offers 12% Savings in USA

Leica Camera is pleased to announce for a limited time only, a 12% savings on all Leica products except for the new M Monochrom (Type 246), Leica M-P Safari set, Leica M-P Correspondent by Lenny Kravitz, 35mm f/2 ASPH black chrome and the 50mm f/1.4 ASPH black chrome lenses. This promotion from Leica is due to the current strength of the US dollar against the Euro and is available now through May 31, June 30, July 31, August 31, October 31, 2015. Read more below for the details!

Canon Also Affected by Sensor Corrosion

Regular readers of the site know about the extensive reporting we did last year on the Leica M9 class sensor corrosion issue which we tongue-in-cheek nicknamed "CCDgate" (as a nod to various "scandals" afflicting Apple products in the past). Apparently it is now Canon's turn, with the sensors in the T6/T6i - as reported by Roger Cicala at Lensrentals. Interestingly, Roger also points the finger at the glue in the sensor stack; we did the same thing, and some know-it-alls criticized us... Read more below!