Leica compact camera systems.

New Leica C (Type 112) Camera Specs

Looks like Leica's releasing the upcoming C (Type 112) in mid-September at a list price of $699, which includes Photoshop Lightroom 5. It is based on the similar Panasonic LF1 with a design by Audi Design - and will be available in Light-gold and Dark-red (pre-order at B&H). If you're in the neighborhood, Leica Store LA has one on-hand to check out. If not, check out this review for a good sense of what to expect. Read more below for additional images, specifications and press release.

Expanding to Compacts

Just a brief note to let our readers know that we're starting to branch out into Leica "compact" cameras a little now as well. Currently this includes the X Vario, X2, D-LUX and V-LUX cameras and special editions. You may have already seen some coverage here, such as when we broke news on the Mini-M - which later became known as the X Vario. We're still primarily an M/rangefinder site, but will be more open to Leica's other cameras going forward (like the new Leica C). To celebrate, and at a member's request - we've created a new Leica Compact forum!

Peter Karbe Explains Vario-Elmar

Even before the new "Mini M" was announced, the leaked specs pointed to a "slow zoom." Once it became clear that it was actually the X Vario, many lamented the choice to produce such a lens. Turns out, there are reasons it's as "slow" as it is; namely image quality and compactness. Leica's top lens designer, Peter Karbe discusses the specifics in A Look Through the Vario-Elmar Lens.

It's worth noting that since its release, the X Vario has received practically nothing but rave reviews and the images shared have been stunning...

Internet Hates X Vario

Leica has always had its share of detractors. But today's release of the new "Mini M" or X Vario as it's officially called - has released a firestorm of criticism across the web. Almost universally, people are balking at the "slow zoom" and "high price" of the camera. While granted, these are rather valid criticisms... The vitriol unleashed upon Leica, even on their Facebook page is bordering on hysteria. A veritable lynch mob with torches and pitchforks is forming in cyberspace and marching upon Solms as we speak...

Lighten up, people. It's a camera.

The Personal View of Things

Yvonne Venegas investigates portraiture by taking pictures when the subject is not prepared and capturing moments that are seemingly a photographic mistake. The new Leica X Vario, announced on June 11, 2013, offers her the compact size and manual settings she needs to achieve her photographic goals:

Yvonne Venegas: The Personal View of Things

The X Vario Has Arrived!

As we reported earlier, in Details of the Mini M Revealed - today is the big day - and it's here! The specs were confirmed and just like we said... It's an "X2 with a slow zoom." Unfortunately, the initial response to the X Vario is somewhat predictable - that is to say, a big, collective "meh." The folks on various forums and even mainstream sites are quick to lament the "slow zoom" (it is f/3.5-6.4 after all) and high price tag (it is a Leica after all). This camera will clearly appeal to those that passed on the X2 because of the single focal length lens, but perhaps not the "photographers" among us. Time will tell how this camera works out for Leica. If nothing else, the early sample photos really do look nice... There's even a hands-on report already. Read more below for the press release: