Leica compact camera systems.

New Leica Mirrorless in April?

This should perhaps come as no surprise, as we earlier reported on a potential Leica T (Type 701) camera, as well as rumblings that Panasonic and Leica to Bolster Partnership. The previous rumor for PhotoPlus Expo was a bit of a disappointment as the end result was the New Leica D-Lux 6 Black/Silver Edition camera. However, we have it on good authority that something more substantial will be coming out, likely in the April 2014 timeframe (though potentially as late as Photokina in September) - and will be a Leica-Panasonic collaboration. Most likely an APS-C based X-style camera with interchangeable lenses. It will most certainly not be m4/3. Read more below and stay tuned as we keep you updated on developments!

New Leica T (Type 701) Camera?

Digicame-info is reporting that the Taiwanese government agency NCC (National Communications Commission) has a filing for a new Leica T (Type 701) camera. It's very likely that this will be a re-branded Panasonic camera, considering the recent news of Panasonic bolstering their partnership with Leica. Read more below for additional info/images.

Leica X2 Lamborghini 50th AD SE

In celebration of the Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Asia Drive, Leica Camera Asia Pacific specially customized a "one-of-a-kind" Leica X2 camera clad with ostrich look chestnut leather on a titanium painted body and ostrich look chestnut leather protector. Wait... Leica? Lamboghini? And it's not real ostrich leather? Or titanium? It's basically an X2 À La Carte with the "50AAD" engraving on the flash and a nice presentation box. Read more below for additional pictures!


New Leica D-Lux 6 Black/Silver Edition

As we wrote about earlier, rumors pointed to a new Leica camera at PhotoPlus Expo. Today was the opening day of the PhotoPlus Expo which is taking place at the Javits Center in NYC. Today Leica has announced a "reimagined" D-Lux 6 camera available in high-gloss black and silver finish. Read more below for full details, specifications and additional images!

New Leica Camera at PhotoPlus Expo

It appears that Leica will announce a new consumer camera at PhotoPlus Expo in New York next week, most likely on October 24. The only details we know is that Roland Wolff, Vice President of Marketing for Leica Camera USA, will make the announcement. Leica’s consumer models are usually re-branded Panasonic models, but the company isn’t saying if that will be the case. The announcement is part of a series of events Leica is planning during PhotoPlus Expo. Update: It's here!

Leica X Vario City Challenge

Experience the Leica X Vario in this creative challenge for 120 participants in 4 cities. The Leica X Vario City Challenge is a coast to coast Leica Camera photo competition with a twist! Leica fans in four cities— New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Miami—can compete for the chance to win a Leica X Vario among many other valuable prizes. 30 lucky participants in each city will be invited to shoot with a Leica X Vario during the City Challenge. Sign up quickly, be creative, select your favorite image, and submit it to the competition. Read more below for full details.