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Jini Dellaccio, Leica Shooter, Dies at 97

Seattle-based photographer Jini Dellaccio died last week at the age of 97. She was best known for her images of the Pacific Northwest music scene in the 1960s, including major acts such as Neil Young, the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, and the Who - but came to photography later in life. First she was a musician, a homemaker and a painter. She didn't even pick up a camera until she was in her 40s. Her first camera was a Leica, but she's been known to also shoot Rolleiflex, Hasselblad and Fujifilm cameras. More coverage of her passing can be read on Seattle's KUOW and the Seattle Times sites. Read more below.

Senator Howard Baker, Leica Shooter, Dies

United States Senator Howard Baker, majority leader and Reagan’s chief of staff, died today at his home in Huntsville, Tennessee at the age of 88. Mr. Baker, who played a central role across two decades of Republican politics, wryly noted that photography “may be the only place where I can reasonably aspire to perfection.” In fact, he published his photography online. His photographs have been exhibited across the United States and in Japan, and he enjoyed a solo showing at the Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 2007. His work has appeared in Life magazine, National Geographic, and the books Howard Baker’s Washington, Scott’s Bluff and Big South Fork Country. Perhaps a little less known was that he was an avid Leica shooter, using both M and R cameras.


Michael Bay Talks About His Leica T

Michael Bay, an American film director and producer - talks about various movies he's involved with, such as Transformers: Age of Extinction and more in an article/video on Collider. What's especially worth noting is the Leica T he's holding and goes on to explain. Another product placement like the M Monochrom that Zack Snyder used to shoot the Batmobile? Leica seems to be courting Hollywood heavily these days... Leica T - as in Transformers. Read more below for the video!

Batman - Shot by the M Monochrom!

This afternoon, film director Zack Snyder tweeted a picture (full size) of Ben Affleck ("Batfleck") as Batman next to the Batmobile - as taken by the Leica M Monochrom. We're betting the overdose of matte black on scene was stunning... Unfortunately, the EXIF info is empty - and doesn't reveal the location of the Bat Cave. Read more below for additional photos!

Jason Sudeikis - Leica Shooter

In an entirely unrelated celebrity sighting article on the U.K. Mail Online site called "Olivia Wilde can't contain excitement as she marks her first Mother's Day with baby Otis" we see Olivia Wilde's husband, Jason Sudeikis (of Saturday Night Live fame) - toting his Leica M7. Read more below for more photos!


Sean Lennon - Leica Shooter

In the article, "Sean Lennon on The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger and Embracing His Father's Art" over on Elle is a brief mention of Sean Lennon (John Lennon's son) and his girlfriend Charlotte Kemp-Muhl in regards to shooting a Leica for his latest project, Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger: Acoustic Sessions which is hitting stores now. A bunch of those photos you can see here. On taking pictures for the project, he says... Read more below!