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Sandro Miller + John Malkovitz = Che Guevara

What do Che Guevara and John Malkovitz have in common? Well, if Sandro Miller is involved... He's gone and recreated famous portraits with the latter, including the famous picture of Che (taken with a Leica M2) and seen above.

Big Daddy Kane: Leica M6 is Shitty

Over on the New Yorker in "Hip-hop Stars Get Their Start", photographer Lisa Leone recalls a time when shooting rapper Big Daddy Kane that he referred to her Leica M6 as "shitty." Funny, we might say the same about his music... But she sets him straight and gets the last laugh.

Once, when she was photographing the rapper Big Daddy Kane, “he said my camera was shitty. I could only laugh while holding my Leica M6. I told him, ‘I don’t go into the studio and tell you what equipment to use.’ He chilled out after that.”

Bob Willoughby - Leprechaun with a Leica

The Independent is running an interesting piece on Bob Willoughby called "Bob Willoughby: Hollywood's first behind the scenes photographer." He was given a camera for his 12th birthday and studied cinema at the University of Southern California, worked under the renowned film-maker Saul Bass at the Kahn Institute of Art while doing apprenticeships with a number of Hollywood photographers. He'd go on to change the way that movie stars are photographed today in the 1950s and 1960s. Check out his Beetles + Huxley exhibition, which runs September 16 through October 4, 2014 in London.

Leica Partners with Jamie Cullum

The Leica Camera exhibition at Photokina 2014 focuses on impressive photo art around the theme of music. It takes into account all facets of the music photography of concert recordings about very personal artist portraits to reportage with exciting behind-the-scenes concert. In addition also get photo projects of musicians, has become for the photograph to a second passion, such as the famous singer, songwriter and musician Jamie Cullum - whom Leica has just announced a partnership with. Read more below for the press release.

Lenny Kravitz, the Monochrom and Strut

It's no secret that Lenny Kravitz is a Leica shooter. In those pictures, he's mostly seen with a Leica M8. But in an article on Harper's BAZAAR called "Lenny Kravitz Shares His Design Must-haves" he talks about his latest Leica, the M Monochrom - and his upcoming album Strut (to be released on September 23, 2014)... Read more below.

Robert Halmi Sr., Leica Shooter, Dies at 90

The Hollywood Reporter shares news that Robert Halmi Sr., the master showman behind such big-budget made-for-TV movies as The Josephine Baker Story and Gulliver’s Travels, died Wednesday in his New York City home. He was 90.

A freedom fighter in his native Hungary during a tumultuous time, Halmi was captured by the Nazis, jailed and sentenced to death. Through contacts he made when he worked with the OSS (now the CIA) in Budapest, Vienna and Salzburg, he was able to escape to the U.S. in 1951, arriving with $5 and a Leica camera.