Leica Announces Leica SL2 Camera

Leica Camera today has released an upgrade to its four year old SL - the Leica SL2 mirrorless camera (after images were leaked two months ago). Headline features include a 47MP sensor, IBIS w/multishot capability, improved Maestro III processor, 5.76MP OLED EVF, ergonomics and weathersealing. The Leica SL2 will be available on November 21st at a list price of $5995. Read more below for details!

Leica SL2 Images Leaked

Nokishita has shared images and specifications for a new Leica camera it claims is the SL2. According to the leak the new camera (codenamed Vader) will feature a 47MP CMOS sensor and feature 4K video recording with a new "CINE Mode." The leak also notes the camera will have both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and be compatible with Leica’s mobile app, FOTOS. Read more below for details.