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Leica 17th Best Mid-sized German Company

Over on the German site Die Welt is an article called "These are the best medium-sized company in Germany" (in German). While Leica didn't make the top ten - they did place at number 17. Of the six consumer goods companies listed, they also ranked at the top. We already knew, but the article confirms that the M Monochrom has far outstripped its initial sales forecast - and that it sells primarily to professional photographers and the medical industry. An interesting read. An interesting read - see more below for translation!

Leica a Benchmark for Apple Watch Sales?

An article over on Monday Note called "Apple Watch: Hard Questions, Facile Predictions" discusses potential sales numbers for the upcoming Apple Watch (which is set to to drop early next year). Okay, so the Leica connection is a bit tenuous, but we thought the mechanical camera corollary was interesting - to wit:

Unless you were a photojournalist or fashion photographer taking hundreds of pictures a day, these cameras lasted forever. A decade of use would come and go without impact on the quality of your pictures or the solid feel of the product. People treasured their Hasselblads, Leicas (not an SLR), Canons, and more obscure marques such as the Swiss Alpa... These were purely mechanical marvels.

Color Profiling Your Camera Article

Added today is the Color Profiling Your Camera article!

An in-depth article explaining the how and why of color profiling your camera (and by extension, photos) - one step in ensuring that consistent and accurate colors are seen by not only you, but everyone else as well.

Iconic Alfred Eisenstaedt Image a Sex Attack?

Yes, it seems to be true. The French feminist group Osez Le Feminisme are suggesting that the iconic Alfred Eisenstaedt "V-J Day" photo (taken in Times Square, NYC in 1945) "portrays a sexual assault." So much so, that they're demanding a statue be taken down that recreates the photo, and is currently on display outside the Caen Memorial Museum near Pegasus Bridge in Normandy. The statue, created by J. Seward Johnson Jr., was given to the museum on a one-year loan by the Sculpture Foundation in California to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. Despite the complaints, the museum is saying it has no plans to remove the statue, which is set to stay on its premises for the next year. This same iconic image is featured in the recent Leica "100" video that has gone simply viral.


Jamie Cullum on (Leica) Photography

Leica Camera at Photokina 2014 this year had set up a Leica Gallery (located in Hall 1, from September 16-21, 2014) with music as the theme. Among the photographers exhibited was Jamie Cullum. The Arts Desk posted an article, "10 Questions for Musician Jamie Cullum" where he answers ten questions... For some background on his interest in photography, especially when it comes to Leica - check out the last question that was asked, "The new album also showcases your skills behind the lens. When did you first get into photography and how did you hook up with Michael Agel of Leica?" to which he replied... Read more below to find out!

Bill Amberg's Leica Collaboration

Likers and followers of our Facebook page have heard us mention this sweet new bag a while back already. But here's an article over on The Telegraph in the U.K. about it, called "Picture perfect: Bill Amberg's Leica collaboration". See, Bill Amberg (Studio) is a leather goods extraordinaire - and this time, he's turned his attention to wrapping our Leica goods in a seriously plush bag. Warning - its price tag is not for the faint of heart... The Camera Bag, Bill Amberg Studio for Leica is available in the UK (e.g. Leica Store U.K./Mayfair) and costs £550 ($880 USD). Read more below for details!