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Mobile Film Lab Tours the USA

Over on indieWIRE comes news of this awesomeness ever to prowl our streets... By way of "This Mobile Lab Will Help Keep 35mm Film Alive 'Breaking Bad'-Style." In the last week of March 2015 the Alpha Mobile Film Laboratory was unveiled at a ceremony hosted by the British Society of Cinematographers at the famous Pinewood Studios. The lab - officially known as "Alpha 1" - is a state-of-the-art full-service film processing facility entirely housed in a 44-foot-long mobile trailer. The Alpha 1 has been packed up in England, shipped to New York and is currently in the midst of a tour of the United States. Keep your eye out!

Leica Q Receives Wrong Kind of Attention

Everything that's wrong with Leica today can be summed up fairly simply, as seen in the "Father’s Day Photography Gift List 2015" over on the L.A. Times site. It's great that the new Leica Q (Type 116) camera made the list, except that its inclusion is a bit dubious. First and foremost, it's not described as an awesome performer (which it is) but rather, "the ultimate photography status symbol" that's "the perfect camera to carry around town on your shoulder." That's the first half - the second half complains of the $4,250 USD price tag. Oh well. Read more below!

HuffPost: Should Try the Leica MP

Over on the Huffington Post (Arts & Culture) is an article called "10 Classic Cameras Every Photographer Should Try." Definitely an eclectic list, with some iconic cameras among them. While we might not agree with all of the choices, we can certainly get behind number three... The Leica MP! Read more below.

Leica Survives the Digital Shift

The Wall Street Journal has a piece called "Leica Survives the Digital Shift" which rehashes a bit of recent Leica history that we're all aware of; the struggle during the latter film years to the new-found niche in digital. Sprinkled with the names of a few famous Leica photographers, mention of a couple of outlandish special editions for shock value and there you have it. Still, an interesting read - and oddly timed, considering The End is Nigh: Leica Edition. Read more below for analysis.

Complicated - Like a Leica

The Guardian has an interesting piece, "Why we should design things to be difficult to use" that posits the interesting notion that product design is headed the wrong way... Not that a Leica is "complicated" but rather that everything else these days is designed to be too simple. Nothing makes one think anymore. A bit of an irony, considering just about every other camera available today... But we have to agree with the author in spirit. Read more below.


Finding Your Muse

Today we are pleased to present the third guest post by John Tuckey (the first was "Into the Shadows" and the second "Essence of Earhart" if you missed them). If you're not aware, John Tuckey has, in a few short years, built a reputation for high quality monochrome images with a distinctive look heavily influenced by the golden era of Hollywood portraiture. You can read more about John, his work and workshops on his website, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Be sure to also check out our recent review of his "101" workshop! Read more below for the article!