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Apple OS X 10.10.4 Update Fixes MM DNG Issue

Apple has today released the OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 update which, among other issues - fixes the DNG issue with M Monochrom (Type 246) files.

Addresses an issue that caused Photos to quit unexpectedly after importing some Leica DNG files.

Iridient Digital Adds Leica Q Support in v3.0.3

Iridient Digital has released Iridient Developer 3.0.3, an update to its RAW converter and image processing software for Mac OS X. This update includes improvements to color noise reduction including faster performance for many images especially with on screen previews on Retina displays, further reductions to color smear when using high levels of Color noise reduction and the Color Aliasing filter is now applicable to RGB based monochrome conversions (again). This update also includes bug fixes, general performance enhancements and support for 10 new RAW cameras... Including the new Leica Q (Type 116) camera!

Apple Digital Camera RAW 6.03

Apple today has released Digital Camera RAW 6.03 for OS X Yosemite, which adds support for multiple Leica cameras, including the D-Lux (Type 109), V-Lux (Type 114), X (Type 113) and X Vario (Type 107). For a complete list of supported cameras, including the new ones just added - see the OS X Yosemite: Supported digital camera RAW formats Knowledge Base article. Read more below for what's new.

Apple to Kill Aperture and iPhoto

The writing is on the wall (and it's mostly curse words). Apple has conceded the high-end photography application market to the likes of Adobe with their Photoshop Lightroom product or Corel AfterShot Pro 2 and will kill off Aperture. The end is also nigh for iPhoto. Multiple outlets are reporting on this untimely demise, including TechCrunch, Engadget, the Mac Observer and The Loop. Aperture is dead. Long live Aperture! Read more below for an update!

Hi-res iMac and Displays Coming this Fall

Of interest to our Mac-using friends, which the majority are - might find this news interesting. The discovery of a Retina-equipped iMac referenced in an OS X 10.10 Yosemite file (French) (in English via Google) follows the recent news of OS X 10.9.3, which Cupertino released last month, adding “true” Retina display support for external 4K monitors. While 4K monitors exist on the market, short of the really expensive ones - they're not all that good (yet). That may soon change however, as Intel, display makers join forces to introduce $400 4K monitors by year's end. Stands to reason that besides a new iMac, a new Apple Thunderbolt Display is also in the works - which would complement the Mac Pro (designed with video editing in mind). Read more details below.


Apple iWatch and the Leica Connection

"What will inspire Apple's round iWatch design?" asks Pocket-lint. There's some suggestion that it'll be influenced by Leica. It's no secret how Jonathan Ive collaborated with Marc Newson for Leica on the design of the now famous (RED) Leica M that sold for $1.6M USD at auction. Surely the iWatch will be cheaper than the recently launched Valbray - selling for a cool $25k USD. Ive is also very keen on the simplicity of design - in fact, in an interview he says:

"[The Leica] communicates so quickly and immediately that it is a camera. It's almost like a camera, distilled," Ive said, clarifying that he got rid of any design element that he didn't want to be there, because they were a distraction. "Now that alone doesn't mean it will be simple. But it's part of the process to be left alone with something that's so camera-y."

Iridient Digital Adds Leica T Support in v2.4

Iridient Digital has released Iridient Developer 2.4, a major update to its RAW converter and image processing software for Mac OS X. This update includes a number of new features to provide better integration with other photo management tools, in particular Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture. Among several new features is support for the new Leica T. Read more below for the press release.