Buy and Sell Forum Rules and Guidelines

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Buy and Sell Forum Rules and Guidelines
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Author:  Double Negative [ Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Buy and Sell Forum Rules and Guidelines

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Buy and Sell Forum Rules and Guidelines

If you do not adhere to these rules, your thread may be deleted without warning. Repeat offenders will be banned.

  1. Absolutely NO SPAM will be tolerated AT ANY TIME. To be clear, spam = instant ban.
  2. La Vida Leica offers this as a free service for our members and makes no warranties or implications regarding the veracity of the posters or items listed for sale, as such USE OF THIS FORUM IS AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  3. Any equipment related to photography can be listed, including things like lighting and computers. If it's an item or service NOT directly related to photography or imaging, please don't list it here.
  4. If you are trying to sell an item, you should know what you want for it, so please no listings without stating an asking price.
  5. If you're not the seller and think the price is wrong (too high or too low) tell them via PM, not in public as it's poor etiquette ("price policing").
  6. Posts that only point to other sale or auction sites are NOT appreciated. However, if your listed item has not sold here after 48 hours, then it's fine to add a note you've moved the item to a third-party site and include the link.
  7. Do not "bump" your thread more than once per day.
  8. Commercial posts of any type are not allowed in this forum. This is a friendly, low volume, member-only service.
  9. If you see a post that's obviously spam, a scam or just worrisome - report it immediately:

    Either click the Image icon on a post or use the Contact page.

Some tips to improve the experience for everyone, buyer and seller:

  • Keep thread titles short and descriptive
  • Include photos of the item(s) whenever possible
  • Be clear as to where you'll ship and for how much
  • Be clear as to forms of payment accepted (or not)
  • Be honest in your description and rating

Once your item(s) have sold:

  • Consider leaving posted prices in place for historical reasons
  • Edit the title from "FS:" to "SOLD:" to avoid wasting people's time
  • Lock your thread (click on "Lock topic" when editing title)

Prefix suggestions for threads:

  • Use "FS:" for "For Sale" items
  • Use "FT:" for "For Trade" items
  • Use "FA:" for "For Auction" items
  • Use "WTB:" for "Want To Buy" items
  • Use "SOLD:" for items that have sold

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