M9 Black Body + 35mm Summicron V3 + 50mm Summicron V3

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M9 Black Body + 35mm Summicron V3 + 50mm Summicron V3
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Author:  stturn [ Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:57 am ]
Post subject:  M9 Black Body + 35mm Summicron V3 + 50mm Summicron V3

Hey everyone,

I've got a few Leica things for sale! Here they are:

M9 Body Black: $2600
Summicron-M 35mm, Version 3, Canada: $1200
Summicron-M 50mm, Version 3, Germany: $700

A quick rundown of the condition of each item:

The M9 sensor has some small corrosion spots. They can easily be taken out with dust spotting in photoshop (I just finished a project where that's what I did, wasn't a problem). Most here probably know it's a free replacement....The nearest dealer is 12 hrs from me (I live in China), so it's better to just sell at reduced price. Camera is fully functional otherwise, though with some other cosmetic issues (brassing). Also, quick note about the LCD, it's not broken, it's the plastic screen protector that has a crack. The LCD is perfectly intact and protected.

The 35mm Summicron V3 is in excellent condition. Perfect glass, smooth focus, and a clean barrel. Aperture blades are oil free. Made in Canada.

The 50mm Summicron V3 has some wear on the barrel, but it's pretty minimal. Focus is smooth, glass is again, perfect, and aperture is oil free. Made in Wetzlar.

I'll ship it all for free from Shanghai via EMS. Contact with any questions!



PS- Here are also a few things I'm looking for if you are interested in trades:

Zeiss ZM 28 f/2.8, 50mm f/2 or f/1.5
Hassleblad 503cx with CF 80mm f/2.8


PPS- Can only upload 3 photos, but if you want more, I can send them! Thanks!

Author:  siornej [ Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: M9 Black Body + 35mm Summicron V3 + 50mm Summicron V3

Hi! Was wondering if that summicron 50 was sold already, thanks :)

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