Any Wet Shaving Fans?

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Any Wet Shaving Fans?
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Author:  jlindstrom [ Sun Jul 24, 2016 12:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Any Wet Shaving Fans?

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Got myself a new Mühle R41 safety razor. It's quite a lot more "aggressive" featuring open comb desing. That together with the Japanese made Feather platinum plated blades really kicks butt.

The Feather blades are said to be "worlds sharpest" and based on my experiences, no reasonto doubt the statement. Also got some Proraso Sandalwood oil - Shea butter shaving cream. And as a "must have" I bought some finnish shaving soap, which happened to share my first name!

Anyway, tried the R41 & Proraso and it cuts through a 4 day long beard like hot blade into butter. One pass shave and my face was like a baby's butt.

The R41 is really aggressive, not for beginners unless you like to cut off your nose or ears! It has a nice & grippy handle, which was a huge improvement over the slippery Blueabeards revenge razor.

For now, I think I've found my perfect hardware with the R41 & Feather blades. Trials continue with soaps & creams.. Suffice to say though, I'm likely to skip the Bluebeard stuff in the future. It's a nice brand but seems to lack in function, compared to more traditional brands kit.

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Author:  Double Negative [ Mon Jul 25, 2016 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Any Wet Shaving Fans?

Oh, nice! Congrats on the R41. It's a great Monday morning shaver when you've got a good weekend beard going. I love mine for that. Though it's not a daily for me.

I recently picked up a secondhand (hardly used) Standard Razor and it's right in between the R41 and R89 in terms of aggressiveness. Super smooth, yet efficient!

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